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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th

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Swim Meat

A Little Restraint...

If you've been missing the gorgeous Cormac since his Love Island exile, I aim to please.  Cormac's been keeping busy since leaving the Island, and as you can see, he's been very busy, an especially difficult task given how hard I've tried to keep him so tied up.....

Andrew & Lukas by Bodytorium


'The images of the guys seem to be my most popular set so far.'


It was no surprise to me that Phil's shots Lukas and Andrew are one of the most popular sets on his site Bodytorium.  I spent a fare bit (a lot...) of  time enjoying the shots myself after Phil sent on the images.  I have written before that I generally don't love shoots with two models, as the so often look too staged, and not natural, and in most cases are unnecessarily sexualized, when just having the two naked models together, is already organically erotic.

Both Andrew and Lukas are super fit and incredibly hot, maybe from their hours of naked work outs!  Andrew's beautiful face and eyes, and Lukas' adorable grin only add to the enjoyment in Phil's shots. Lukas's smile is just one of the signs that the guys seemed to have a ball working together, even with the physical demands of the shoot. . Phil put them through their paces, having the guys running, climbing tree's, on a soccer field, on train tracks and shooting deep into the forest. 

See much more of Andrew & Lukas on Bodytorium HERE:

& Check out a bit of their work out, on and off the field, and in and out of their undies....on PAGE 2 HERE:

Sans Speedo: Tim Parise by Gordon Nebeker

'If you appreciate a good defined tan line, Tim is your man! Tim's tan reminds me of the old Coppertone commercials.'

Some FH readers might recognize writer and model Tim Parise from his previous interview and appearance on the site. (Beyond)  In the piece, the Hawaiian author shared that he got into modeling after being approached by a photographer from Freshman Magazine.  After the initial excitement of posing fully nude wore off, Tim decided he's try modeling with his clothes, well some of them, back on.

I mention this, as in the first piece, I featured shots with Tim dressed, and even though some of the shots included Tim on the beach in a skimpy speedo, we didn't get the chance to see the beautiful tan lines Gordon referenced with his speedo on.  Tim remembers vividly that when he decided to pull his pants back up, the number of modeling offers he received, went down.  Thankfully for us, Tim has relaxed his policy on tasteful nudes, especially for a photographer like Gordon Nebeker, one he both admirers and respects.

Gordon had seen some work that Tim had done in Hawaii with Mike Tossy and StudioMGPhotography and started following him on Instagram.  Tim was also a fan of Gordon's Instagram, and especially liked some of the underwater work that Gordon had done with some other models.  Last summer, after spending a work in P-town, it worked out beautifully for Tim to stop off in Boston and take a plunge into Gordon's pool.  Gordon says that it worked out so well, they arranged for a round two this year.

When they got together earlier this month, Gordon had just returned home after being away, and Tim had just finished another week in P-Town.  The images you're enjoying in the piece are from this most recent shoot.  You check out Tim in the deep end, from their work last year, by check out PAGE 2 HERE:

'Tim has a body and face that doesn’t seem to age at all. He is frozen in time as the perpetual beach going guy with a perfect “speedo” tan line to show for it. At least that is the Tim I have come to know but admittedly he has come for his shoots both times in the Summer after time spent at the beach! He has a ‘can do’ attitude and is highly intelligent. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know him and, yes, we are in talks about a ‘round three’ next year.'

Although Tim's tan lines are both visually impressive, and incredibly sexy, his intelligence is equally as compelling and equally hot.  If you check out Tim's page on Amazon, you'll see many of Tim's books, including; Principles of Anarchism, The Senator Dies at Dawn and Arms and the American: A Syllabus of Errors. The Senator Dies at Dawn is an especially gripping title, the title words alone have you wanting to find out more. 

Although I never wish to stereotype, I'm kind of guessing many wouldn't assume by those titles that a hot model would have read most of those books, let alone have written them.  That's one of the reasons, I love exploring the stories behind the artists and models that I feature.  I specially love hearing when models and photographers who've enjoyed and followed each others work, come together to combine their talents for a combustive collaboration. 

'I'd been a huge admirer of his on Instagram for a while before he invited me to shoot, particularly of his soft, sensual lighting and his underwater work.  Shooting underwater has been an ambition of mine since I lived in Hawaii, but there aren't many photographers who do it. Our first shoot last summer was slightly challenging, since I hadn't been swimming in years and needed some time to get reacquainted with the feeling! Once I did, though, it was pure joy'.

'Gordon reminds me a little of another photographer I worked with years ago in that he's always encouraging me to move my body in more graceful, more athletic ways. Sometimes this has quite entertaining as well as visually striking consequences. For instance, when I originally posted the shot where I'm reaching behind my back to grab my ankle, I captioned it, "I haven't been stretched like this since...well, since last night, come to think of it!" That provoked a bunch of eager comments and Gordon then had to disclaim all responsibility for any stretching not in the pictures!'

If you want to check out more of Gordon's work with Tim, Gordon posted a series of images from their two shoots, many of them not featured here on his Instagram HERE:  Also don't miss checking out Gordon's images of a submerged Tim on PAGE 2 HERE:

If you want to check out more images of Tim, mostly in his speedos, (it is Instagram...) check out his page HERE:   If you're feeling a bit more cerebral, you can check out Tim's writings on his site, Libro della tutto: Essays by Tim Parise HERE:  You can all check out his full list of books on Amazon HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

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Happy Birthday today July 28th

Happy 36th to Nick Youngquest!

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The Boys Are Back In Town (and the make up chair)

KJ Apa shot this shot exposing Casey Cott's usually hidden torso as both are back for early calls to the make-up room as Season 4 begins shooting.

Surface Tension: Tim Parise by Gordon Nebeker

Although most of us slide easily into a cool pool of water, there is a barrier our bodies need to push through before we're fully submerged.  The surface tension of the water may not seem that powerful when you're diving in from just a few feet, but as bridge workers have tragically found out, the waters service can be as hard as concrete if you're descending toward it from above.

The incredible of water, even in a backyard swimming pool, is one of the reasons I love Gordon Nebeker's underwater photography.  When Gordon wrote me about his work with Tim Parise, it was the underwater shots that I most looked forward to seeing.  There is almost a hypnotizing quality the shots, a labyrinth of movement, light and color, never to be replicated again.

The ascension of bubble, the movement of the water and it's strong resistance to the flow of Tim's body and the white fabric.  Although both appear to be seamlessly flowing immersed in the deep end, the water is actually putting up quite a fight, pushing back and resisting every move Tim makes, and every beautiful movement he makes with the fabric.  The water has the power to make Tim's movements both easier, and much more difficult.

With the exception of the shot below, Tim standing at the bottom of the pool, with his reflection above, the remainder of the underwater shots were taken during last years shoot.  Although things flowed nicely during last years shoot, for the second shoot, Gordon shares that the water wasn't necessarily as co-operative.  Although the shot below is incredibly beautiful, for the rest of the shoot, creating a synergy between liquid, fabric, and Tim's naked body was a bit more challenging.

'Still trying to figure out why it happened, but most of my underwater shots from this year’s shoot didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Certainly not Tim’s fault. I think the water was too cloudy. We did our shoot the day after we got back from our cruise and the water was not as crystal clear as it usually is. I am reviewing my whole underwater shooting procedure to see if I can take it up a notch. Fortunately, we had lots of good underwater shots from last year to include. I think it was the chance to do some underwater photos that got Tim and I together in the first place.'

'I loved playing with Gordon's notorious white cloth and trying to dance with it in the water. My favorite shot, of course, was the underwater lotus, which is a position I've always been good at, and which I've never seen anyone else do in an aquatic setting. I like trying to make photo shoots as unique as possible. It took us four attempts to get that shot; I kept tipping forward (the anomalous "falling buddha" position) until I got the buoyancy right. And then we nailed it!'

Bodytorium: Lukas & Andrew's Big Adventure


'It was a thrilling photo shoot with these two best buds! Lukas (blond) and Andrew (brunette) are both 18 and live in Martin — a quiet, picturesque town in central Slovakia.'


'Lukas works for his family retail business and often models himself to promote new clothes; Andrew is a street workout athlete and just recently joined the army.'

'The weather forecast wasn’t very promising — showers were expected throughout most of the day — and we couldn’t exactly reschedule because of the travel distance and our schedules. We planned the session several weeks in advance and we just had to deal with the weather. Just after the boys arrived at the train station in Bratislava and we headed off to the countryside, it started pouring rain.'

' When we got to our destination, it was still raining. We sat around in the car for a bit and then decided to drive around the nearby village and look for a roofed area. We were about an hour behind schedule, but after a while of searching, we found a good spot beneath the roof of stadium seating next to an empty soccer field.'

'The boys were in a great mood. As soon as I got the camera out they started posing and laughing their heads off. Lukas especially was cracking up all the time.'

'Luckily it stopped raining and we were able to start taking pictures in the open air. We took a few more shots on the soccer field and then headed to a nearby forest patch where we had more privacy.'

'Whenever Lukas got naked, he always got a boner. It was the first time I felt like we needed something like “Anti-Viagra”.'

'After we wrapped up the outdoor shoot we headed to my place in Bratislava and took many more indoor shots of the boys bathing, showering and posing.'

Lukas’ full outdoor set premiered on July 19, 2019 and will follow with Andrew’s outdoor set. At least three additional picture sets will be added over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile the Premium members can enjoy the Lukas & Andrew Teaser Set containing 100 photographs, including full nudes.