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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 18th

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John James

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Favorites: Adrian Vincent

'It was body building that inspired me to start modelling.  As soon as I gained a little muscle I wanted to show it off.'

I first noticed images of London based model Adrian Vincent last spring. I was struck not only by his flawlessly carved physique and chiseled facial structure,but his beautiful olive skin and determined brown eyes.   You can see the results of the 23 year old's commitment to his body, and totally understand his desire to show it off and share the results of his hard work.  Adrian's most happy with his back, and enjoys hearing compliments from people saying it’s broad.

Many models focus only their look, and the actual shoot.  In addition to posing, and being in front of the camera, Adrian shares he enjoys the entire modeling process.  Checking out a photographer's work, creating stunning images, and then the anticipation of waiting to see the final images after.  Adrian describes seeing those final images as 'hot', as it's the climax of the creative process.

Adrian rarely experiences any nerves when posing nude, and although he hadn't experienced being naked in public before modeling, still feels very confident in front of the camera.  The only nerves, especially early in his modeling career, were about putting trust in a person he hadn't met before.

Although he's never experienced it himself, Adrian's heard stories of models being lured through the internet into uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous situations.  When he first started out, choosing who to work with was more a leap of faith, but now that he's been modeling for a few years, Adrian tries to check out and research anyone that he's working with.  That doesn't mean that he's not asked to do a few odd things as the camera clicked away....

'I’ve had some strange offers, such as asking me to pose whilst tied up on a bed, or to pose in a way to emphasise my feet. I’ve said no to those offers, but whatever floats your boat.'

Next three shots by New Cross Photo

Adrian has worked with several of my favorite photographers including Jack Saul and New Cross Photowhose work I've previously featured on the site.  Last month, after seeing some of Adrian's images in the Model Mayhem Pic of the Day contest, I decided to reach out about featuring his work.  I loved the images Adrian entered from New Cross Photo, who's work I've previously featured on FH.  (HERE:)

Last 4 images from Jack Saul Photography

I love these shots from Jack Saul, and the images featured here are some of my favorites from Adrian's portfolio.  If you want to see more  'shows off'' even further on his OnlyFans Page.  Check it out HERE:

Quaternate: Lights On Studio

It was fitting, especially given how synonymous the work of Lights on Studio, and holidays have become on FH, that it was Christmas, that was our first connector. I had long been a fan of model Hansel Wellington, and featured his work with JGH Photography back in 2013. (Reflection Deception)

Hansel and I remained in touch, and were having discussions, about ideas for a follow-up.  Those discussions ended I saw a Christmas themed shot of Hansel on Model Mayhem.  Hansel was on board with the theme, and shared that the photographer was Tom Nakielski.  I immediately got in touch with Tom and Cocks & Candy Canes marked Lights on Studio's FH debut on Christmas Day of 2015.

A creative collaboration was born.  Since that Christmas, Tom's work has been a part of every FH Christmas since.  Christmas, and almost every other holiday of the year.  Tom's commitment to creating original holiday has included 'borrowing' bunnies, baby chicks, a 'ground hog', and if you read my piece from this last November, even a turkey! (Tom Turkey)  Although I've enjoyed also featuring a variety of Tom's non-holiday work, I get excited each time I see Tom's holiday shots in my in-box.  I had been planing to put together a 'Quarternate' piece on LOS for awhile now, but this week seemed the perfect week to give Tom a shout out. A nasty fall ended with Tom landing up in the hospital, and I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery!  Get Well Soon Tom!!!




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