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The Cover Up by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today December 15th

Happy 68th to actor Don Johnson!

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Dany Douk: The Bare Necessities

'Modeling gives me a unique confidence and posing provides a sensation of the special appreciation of the connection between myself and the artist.'

Most of you who check into FH regularly, know there's a consistency to how I usually present images when I feature a model or artist. I want tell a story, and a complete story of the person I am featuring. Although nudity is frequently a big part of the tale, I strive to not make the entire focus of the story or narrative. I usually start with a few headshots, some fashion, fitness and maybe some underwear shots, then end with a few nudes. For 21 year old model Dany Douk however, it's all about the bare necessities.

It's not that fashion isn't important to Dany, it's just that thus far, his focus has been on nude modeling, specifically for artists. Although Dany is interested in trying out being shot by a professional photographer, most of his images were taken by a friend of his. The focus of Dany's images, are not to show off the talents of the photographer, but to give artists a full view of his classic physique to give them an idea of how his naked body might provide creative inspiration for their art. Artists have been impressed with Dany's classical body style, his strong and tall legs and his natural body hair, especially his bush... Attributes, Dany is aware may not be as popular with some photographers.

Dany drawn by Peter Bridgstock

As much I am inspired by Dany's naked physique, it wasn't his body that had me first reaching out. I was drawn to his beautiful long hair, his great face and soulful brown eyes which pull focus even with Dany's other impressive body parts competing for attention. I asked Dany if he had any additional portrait or clothed shots that i could add in order to present a variety of looks. I loved that Dany said he would prefer not. Given his focus is on nude modeling, he would like to keep his clothed shots personal as they are more connected to his social media pages and real life, and not a part of his modeling work.

As you can imagine, my experience with most models is often the opposite. Dany's positive attitude about nudity comes naturally, especially with his background coming from his a nudist family. Being naked is pretty normal for him, so when in college, a friend asked him to pose for a group of artists, he had little hesitation before saying yes. Dany has continued to model for many artists, as well as live venue nude modeling and modeling for amateur students in college classrooms. Dany says it also sort of fun thrill to see who see who was signing up to see him naked when his name was added on the model list for a class.

Thus far, Dany describes all his work as amateur, but joined Model Mayhem to see what connections he might be able to make with professional artists and possibly photographers. It is that connection which Dany says is one of his favorite parts about modeling nude. The unique atmosphere created with him being the subject of focus, naked and in such close proximity to the artists creating live in front of him. It is a unique perspective and very interesting viewing the model as the voyeur, the watcher of the artist at work, and not the other way around.

The Cover Up by Hans Fahrmeyer

'The intent is to evoke desire, and it’s evident in the eyes of the models on each page. The energy is palpable through his use of vibrant colors, unique body poses and positions, as well as his creative editing. Hans channels the energy into images drenched in both intensity and urgency.'

I usually post the work of New York based artist Hans Fahrmeyer on Sunday's, but with Christmas just a week and half away, I thought I would give those still looking for the perfect holiday gift a bit of extra time to uncover Hans new book The Cover Up.

'In in his last book, The Naked Truth, Hans unveiled an extensive collection of breathtaking images of a multitude of men that Hans has photographed throughout his career. Each image, and each page, revealed models completely bare, with nothing to hide behind, nothing to mask or conceal their own raw truths. Why then, would Hans follow-up The Naked Truth with The Cover-Up?'

'Why physically expose his models only to then cover them up? The art of reveal is one of Hans greatest skills as an artist. Although many of the models in The Cover-Up are partially covered, the bits of fashion are used to highlight and accentuate the body and specific body parts.'

'Viewers will enjoy the voyeuristic tease Hans creates with the creative uncovering of models. with a variation of textile and transparent materials. But the viewer is rewarded with what is revealed and then, what is left to the imagination. Underwear, jock-straps and jeans are worn to cover and protect, they cling directly to our bodies like a second layer of skin.'

'The uncovering of garments highlights and illuminates the male form exposing it in exciting and unique ways. Like the frame of a painting, Hans uses The Cover-Up to focus our eye and to spotlight a piece of the painting, or a part of the body, creating an erotic transparency that would not be possible if the model was completely nude'

Check ouThe Cover Up on Amazon in both paperback form, as well as a low priced digital download. Inside you'll close to 150 pages of incredible shots featuring many of Hans most popular models!

Preview more images from the book in the video below.
MY PHOTO BOOK 'THE COVER UP' By Hans Fahrmeyer from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.