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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 30th

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German Footballer Pierre-Michel Lasogga getting a

Just Because: Glen Powell

Actor Glen Powell had quite a year. A mostly naked return to Scream Queens and appearances several high profile films including Everybody Wants Some and as John Glenn in Hidden Figures. When I first featured Glen in 2015, (HERE:) I wasn't sure I was going to stick with watching Scream Queens.

I didn't. The show was a bit over the top for me and I can only handle Emma Roberts in teenie tiny dozes. But... Powell's short return this past season did lead to some pretty hot and hilarious shower and locker room scenes with John Stamos. I caught enough clips, and promotional shots to know they both should have their own show, on cable of course, to continue their very powerful on screen chemistry.

The Three Graces: The Barleycorn Triplets by Statuesque

'Sculpture is an undervalued art, certainly compared with painting, and many people walk past great works of sculpture in the street every day without noticing them.'

The Three Graces, aka The Charites, are daughters of Zeus who represent the essence of beauty, charm and grace. Known in Greek mythology as Goddesses who provide festive joy and enhance the enjoyments of life. Their appearance, and character represent the nature of the Charites expressed by the names that each bear. The Three Graces are depicted in a Neoclassical sculpture created by artist Antonio Canova’s in 1817.

When you're shooting three handsome and photogenic models such as The Barleycorn Triplets, it behooves any artist to come up with an outstanding concept. Statuesque's theme of modernizing classic works is a perfect fit for the three brothers. I have written in the past about disdain for photographers who insist on shooting siblings, especially twins, with overly serialized poses and themes. There are many reasons I think doing so is a cop out, but it is most of all, creatively lazy.

UK photographer Statuesque has been focused on project which also bears his professional name. Statuesque's aim is to re-interpret great works of art, especially sculpture the the medium of photography. The UK based photographer feels that Sculpture is an undervalued art, and his goal is to raise the profile of this traditional art form by linking it with the digital media of our time.

Even before knowing the theme, I thought  'Statuesque' fit The Barleycorn's perfectly. Some of you may recognize one of the brothers, Jay E Barleycorn from his previous modeling work, including his images from Dylan Rosser. Jay tries to include his brothers in his work when he can, and is always looking for new projects that utilize their strengths and get's theme excited about the work.

The Waldegrave Girls by Sir Joshuah Reynolds

'What makes great art great is that it is always speaking to us in our own time. Sometimes the
historical baggage - the strange clothes, wigs and ways people behaved long ago - can get in the way and create a barrier. I wanted to create an intervention for Sir Joshuah Reynolds beautiful painting of three sisters who lived in the eighteenth century - the Waldegrave girls. Suppose they were brothers living today? What would they be doing? How would they look? How would they relate to each other?'

'When I discovered the Barleycorn triplets, I realized I had found the perfect models. Jay had already done some modelling, but Adam and Stephen were new to it. Nevertheless, their attitude was absolutely professional, and we had a brilliant shoot. They were quick to grasp the concept, and only needed minimal direction. Being 'natural' in front of a camera and under lights isn't the easiest thing, but they just took the concept and worked with it, talking, laughing, joking and interacting with each other until I had all the shots I needed. Not only are the Barleycorns great looking guys, they are the nicest guys you could hope to find in your studio! I hope to be able to explore other sibling concepts with them, as I would like to harness the synergy of these three talented young men to create interventions for other works of classic art.'

Riverdale Re-Dux

Some FH readers might already know that the post below is not new. I have loved Archie and the gang since I was a kid and posted this piece about the Hunks of Riverdale after first hearing about the shows casting last spring. But...after having now watched the pilot, I thought it needed a repeat airing. I will just say that I LOVED Riverdale. The show is dark and sexy in a Twin Peaks sort of way, while at the same time a whole lot of fun. Each character from the comic book is both true to form while at the same time all having a modern twist. (Ms. Grundy anyone...) Kevin Keller is part of the gang, and if you haven't seen the episode yet, wait for his brief, but well worth it, almost scene with Moose.

Long time FH readers know I love me some Archie Andrews and the gang. I have written several times about growing up reading the comics and my affection for the Riverdale High ginger. Last month, The CW wrapped up filming the pilot for Riverdale, the networks update featuring Archie and the gang.

The update certainly seems to be adding the sexy, with a hot group of actors playing Archie, Reggie, Kevin, Moose and even a huge hit of hunky in their version of Jughead. If you haven't already, let me introduce you to the new crop of students from Rivdale High.

If the dark haired K.J. Apa,  (above) doesn't scream Archie Andrews, how about K.J after a little Clairol......

I would never have thought of former Disney star Cole Sprouse to play Jughead Jones, but let's hope the show at least takes advantage of their casting by recreating a few of those beach scenes from the comics.

I love the casting of Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle.  Not only is Ross sexy as hell, he has the attitude to pull off Riverdale's rich snob.

Kevin Keller marks' actor Casey Cott's first professional acting gig on screen.

Kody Kearsley may need a bit of blonde Clairol to pull off playing Moose Mason, but he certainly seems to have the legs and body for the part.