Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

Above: Henrik Jessen by Barnsbury Studio. (See more of Barnsbury Studio's work below!).

Happy Birthday today November 19th to:

Happy Birthday today November 19th to:

One of my favorite models, Kyle Ledeboer turns 26 today.

Above: Kyle by Doug Inglish.

Flavio and Gustavo Mendonça turn 32 today.

Iván Sánchez turns 36 today.

Jason Scott Lee turns 44 today.

Warwick Rowing Team by Barnsbury Studio

This past September I discovered the work of Angus Malcolm of Barnsbury Studios. I fell in love with the way he shot his models. Clean, classic, simple shots. I did two posts, one featuring a variety of images (HERE) and another with actor and model Tom R, (HERE) one of my favorite guys shot by Angus.

Barnsbury studios just completed a great new project, shooting a calendar for the senior men's rowing team at Warwick, one of the UK's top universities. Angus said the shoot was different fro his normal normal style of shooting, 'less fashion-oriented, less studio lighting', but, the images are really spectacular, encompassing the same magic Angus brings to his studio work.

Since the success of Stade, this time of year, many sports teams come out with calendars. I must say this one is without a doubt my favorite. While I loved the first few years of the Stade calendars, they seemed to have forgotten the reason many of us were so in love with the first few versions. Angus Malcolm's work for Warwick actually has the look, feel, even smell of University and although posed, the models and shots look like they were captured in a real moment and not one created by make up and wind machines. The Warwick team looks natural and Angus captures them beautifully.

The University of Warwick Boat Club is a large and highly active sports club with substantial ambitions. Substantial ambitions, mean substantial costs. Following the overwhelming response to their first naked calendar in 2010, Warwick University's senior rowing team have stripped off again. Over a dozen of the rowers are baring all to raise much-needed funds to meet the needs of the club for the 2011 year.

Thanks to Angus Malcolm from Barnsbury Studios for sharing some of the calendar with FH! Be sure to check out more of Barnsbury's work on MM HERE:

To learn more about the Warwick Rowing Club or to order your own calendar, visit the Warwick Rowing Site HERE: and the Calendar page HERE:

Fearlessly Closer

Photographer and film artist Paul Gunn once again joins forces with Justin Violini and THE FEARLESS Project in an editorial shoot with model Barrett Paul which resulted in not just these incredible shots, but also the video below!

Above: Paul shooting Barrett Pall.

This shoot continues Gunn's work exploring themes of exploitation and vulnerability. Gunn's love to take things usually considered disturbing or taboo and turn them into something exciting and erotic. He and Justin's work with Barrett Paul certainly exceeds this goal!

Paul Gunn:
Gunn Creative:
Have Gunn Will Travel:

Video taken during photo shoot styled/creative direction by Justin Violini for editorial story featuring model Barrett Pall and photographer Paul Gunn.
Audio: Closer by Nine Inch Nails

FEARLESS- Closer / Barrett Pall from The Fearless Project on Vimeo.

Don't forget!!!
The Fearless Project presents INSTANT / Canada
The Fearless Project presents INSTANT, A Collection of 120 Polaroids of Men and Orgasm.
Saturday December 4, 2010 / 7 - 10pm at La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa!

FEARLESS creator Justin Violini be in San Francisco for a week around the 21st of December and then Berlin in the middle of January if any models, galleries or artist are interested in meeting up and creating something together!

The Fearless Project:
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Yet Another Reason to see Burlesque

I am not sure If I am looking forward to Burlesque or not. While I am a huge fan of Cher the actress (especially in Silkwood, Come Back to the Five and Dime and Mask)I am not as big a fan of the 'Vegas' Cher. But... I am not sure what more the producers of Burlesque could have done to attract an audience to their movie. If Cher, Christina Aguilera, Cam Gigandet & Eric Dane in the cast are not enough how about 90210's Blair Redford. Although Blair does not have a big role, ever since I saw the caps of him on 90210 I have been thinking about the perfect chest of his!