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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 11th

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Happy Birthday today April 11th

Happy 61st to model Lucky Vanous!

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The Devil's Playground

'Growing up can be a special kind of hell...'

FH readers might remember my passion for finding great male nude scenes from films from the 1970's.  I was on a roll for awhile but then got sidetracked.  Last week, I read an article about the 1976 Australian film The Devil's Playground, and my passion was quickly revived. 

Arthur Dignam

Fred Schepisi's first feature is this lushly photographed period drama detailing a young boy's coming-of-age in a strict Catholic seminary in 1950s Australia. , 'The Devil's Playground' is an intimate portrait of Tom, (Simon Burke) a thirteen-year-old struggling in spirit and body with the constraints of living in a Catholic seminary. It is also the story of the Brothers and how they cope with the demands of their faith 

One of those teaching brothers is the sexually tortured Brother Francine played by actor .Arthur Dignam.  So many movies about seminary schools focus on abuse, and although there are some painful moments in the film, the focus is more on the Brothers trying to repress any sexual feelings, in themselves, and in their students.

The most interesting character in the film is Brother Francine (Dignam), a skinny, long-nosed ascetic who prowls the school's corridors, dormitories and bathrooms looking for evidence of ''the undisciplined mind'' that is the devil's playground.
The New York Times

The story follows a number of students headed by Tom Allen as they make their way through the heated environment, which features, amongst other things, rigid discipline, the arrival of puberty and an obsession with sex... Throughout, the strict requirements of the order.  The scene featured here features a Brother Francine in the locker room, as he prepares to check out any females showing the slightest bit of hint in and around the swimming pool.

Outside the Lines: Jae by Mark E. Hersh

'I want someone to find something in my images that's both interesting and erotic.'

When it comes to images of the male form, my tastes and desires tend to oscillate.  Some weeks I find myself drawn to older men, other weeks it's younger.  One week it's a specific look or body type, the next week, it's another.  The one constant however, that rarely changes, is that the image in question, has to not only stimulate visually, it must also stimulate me mentally.

The Internet is full of images of hot men, but in order for me to pause, and to spend time with the image and artist, it must also tell a story. A story that peaks my interest, has me asking questions and wanting to spend time exploring more an artist's or model's work.  That's exactly what happened when I discovered the work of photographer Mark E. Hersh. 

When I first discovered Mark's work, I immediately headed to his Instagram page and devoured his portfolio.  I was drawn to his ability to capture an element of sensuality in each of the men in front of his camera.  I was also impressed with the range of masculinity he captured.  Many photographers of the male form stick to classic poses and depictions of masculinity and  beauty.  

I love images that both explore and challenge the expressions expression of sensuality and masculinity and I was especially drawn to Mark's images of Jae.  I loved the long lines Jae created and the elegant eroticism expressed and captured.  I especially love the intimacy when a image doesn't look posed, but instead secretly captured. So many of the shots in this series feel as though Jae was alone, quietly expressing himself as we all do when we're home alone, fee to explore ourselves and our bodies in a safe and familiar environment. 

Sexual exploration is often key to art and photography and served as a key entry point for Mark.  Although his love of photography began in high school, back then, it was mostly shooting things, not people, with landscape printing on canvas being the focus.  It was about two years ago that Mark began shooting people.  Mark was initially a bit nervous about getting started, but a move to Palm Springs gave him the opportunity to get started.  His first shoot was with a fellow photographer who wanted to explore his fetishes.

'He was much more comfortable having both been a model and a photographer. My anxiety was amplified by shooting a photographer, but as I do with most challenging situations in my life, I went with it. I wanted the images to be erotic and sensual, which is now my style. He liked the images and complimented my work which gave me the confidence to continue moving forward .'

Mark believes that a shoot is a collaboration between the photographer and model.  Mark strives to ensure he is  aware of the model's boundaries and comfort level, especially when it comes nudity. Mark tires to find the time to explain his process and encourage the model he's shooting to express their ideas and poses. 

'It’s constant communication. A nude shoot requires trust on both sides as well as respect. I enjoy shooting the male form and elevating nudity to an artistic level. Being lighting, pose, wardrobe, location.'

Mark first noticed Jae's work on Instagram, and reached out to ask him if he'd be interested in working together. Jae responded positively and it's clear from the results that there was a synergy in the creative collaboration between photographer and subject. 

'Jae's a great guy and free spirit and full of ideas. Shooting with Jae is a joy and he makes it very easy. We have shot three times now and every time is enjoyable, I can’t say a negative thing about such a fantastic guy.'