Saturday, October 20, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 21st

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With October 31st just 10 days away, HALLOWEEN officially kicks into high gear this week on FH. If you enjoy holiday images, and even if you don't, you're in store for a frighteningly hot selection of All Hallows' Eve themed, not to mention naked, Halloween hunks

Tease Me, Please Me: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

A skilled photographer, one with a focus on the entire male form, and not just a single body part, can conceal without the viewer feeling cheated.  That doesn't mean there's not a payoff, but it requires patience, and a little energy from the viewer.  Requiring work might seem impossibly silly with the web full of naked bodies, but most of us know, we get back what we put in.

When Bond returned to FH at the end of the summer, (Preantepenultimate) New Manhattan Studio's Wes set up a page (HERE:) on the NMS website, using tease, to tease Bond's recent Captured Shadows appearance, and previous and upcoming Private Portfolio's.  Unfortunately, due to technical issues, NMS was off line for time after I posted, so I wanted to again tease the tease.  Although the promotion may utilize the art of tease, if you've checked out any of the Private Portfolio's, you know Bond holds nothing back.

Provincetown Light: Tanner by Anthony Timiraos

'I photographed him indoor using only the natural sunlight that reflected in from the sand and bay. His smooth and slightly tanned skin absorbed the Provincetown light and responded with a beautiful natural flesh tone.'

One of the goals of FH, and one of my favorite things about it, is being able to introduce readers to new artists and models.  I love featuring photographers who step behind, and models who step in front of the camera, for their first experience with shooting nudes.  FH readers are aware from my previous features on his work, this is not the first time photographer Anthony Timiraos has shot the nude male form.  It was however, Tanner's introduction to shooting sans skivvies.

Tanner was referred to Anthony through a friend of his that had previously worked with him on a couple of shoots.  They connected on-line when Anthony was visiting Provincetown and decided to get together for a shoot.  Tanner recalls that he was extremely  nervous before the shoot, about the shoot itself, and how he would look in the final images.  Not only was it Tanner's first time shooting completely naked, it was his first professional photo shoot ever.

'Living on Cape Cod all year round, Tanner is fortunate to enjoy the beautiful light and scenery that is surrounded by ocean. I photographed him indoor using only the natural sunlight that reflected in from the sand and bay. His smooth and slightly tanned skin absorbed the Provincetown light and responded with a beautiful natural flesh tone. His eyes seem to captivate the scene. Tanner was charming, gentle and beautiful, inside and out.'

Anthony says it was difficult to believe this was Tanner's first time posing nude for a photo shot.  Tanner made sure to let Anthony know, several times, about his lack of experience before the day of the shoot.  It took just a few minutes however, before Tanner transcended into a true professional and focused on the directions Anthony would shoot to him from behind the camera. I was especially impressed with how Tanner so skillfully created such beautiful lines and especially curves with his body.  Although clearly built, Tanner's impressive physique appears so light as he flows into such sensual poses and positions.

'Tony was great to work with!  He was very supportive, especially with helping me get comfortable being in front of the camera.  He was great at coaching me through the process and with posing.  I was shocked at how good the photographs came out and amazed with how I looked in the final shots!'

Tanner is also one of the over 30 models featured in the 200 plus follow up Anthony's first complication of classical nude photographers, expose, which he released last year.  expose more continues the photographer's journey with capturing the unique beauty and desirability of a diverse collection of magnificent men.  Check out the Kindle edition on Amazon HERE:

'What you will find in expose more is not just the male body exposed, but elevated, treated with dignity, and allowed to have all it's unique characteristics.'
Christopher Harrity, The Advocate

Horror Hunks: Rod Taylor in The Birds

It's always funny to me how an some actors some performances, some men... will go unnoticed until you're ready to pay attention. I have seen Alfred Hitchcock' The Birds almost a half a dozen times.  At least once when I was a kid, again as a teen and again in my twenties and thirties.  I mostly focused on Tippi Hedren's beauty and of course those birds, terrifying in some scenes, incredibly fake and unbelievable in others.

When recently watching again on TCM, I took notice or actor Rod Taylor for the first time.  I think I first became aware of the actor when I was a kid watching Falcon Crest with my mother.  Taylor would have been about 60 then and given I was barely in my teens, there was no pull, I was salivating over Billy R. Moses.  But watching the birds recently, Taylor all of a sudden became sexy, and his manly thick frame was for the first time noticed.

Taylor and his co-stars in The Birds

Although Hitchcock kept Taylor fully tailored in The Birds,  that Taylor torso got lots of screen time in several other films, a couple I hope to check out in the future.

Taylor in a enjoyable, but gratuitous shirtless scene in the sci fi flick World Without End (1956)

I haven't found a copy of Young Cassidy yet, but with a shirtless Rod in the promotional material, and with Maggie Smith as his co-star, I want to.

Taylor & Maggie Smith