Monday, January 28, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 29th

Cristian by Mount Photography
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Return To Southfork?

I was very excited when DALLAS returned to the air on TNT last summer. Although there was much to love about the new version there was just as much to scratch your head about.

The new writers and producers seemed to placate old viewers of the show instead of actually respecting that those viewers kept the original version on the air for 13 seasons and record breaking rating. The young new cast was generally bland, both as written, and as acted. It was great to see the old cast but there was far too much Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and far to little Sue Ellen, Lucy and Cliff (Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton & Ken Kercheval). They seemed to sprinkle in the old cast just enough to appease, but not enough to distract from the main focus on two love triangles between younger cast members.

The bright exceptions were Larry Hagman, who lit up every scene he was in, and Josh Henderson who was both earnest and intense and oozes sexual energy out of every pour of his incredible body. I have seen Henderson in other roles before, but he has gotten hotter over the years and has an edge and some depth his younger co-stars can't seem to muster.

Above: I am sure it is just light and shadow...

I was going to leave the city of Dallas after season 1 but Josh, and the last episodes featuring Larry Hagman will bring me back to Southfork, for season 2. I hope the show learns from it's many first season mistakes with erratic pacing and storytelling as I still have hopes for it's success. J.R's upcoming memorial and a story arc for Tilton and her Knots Landing parents Gary and Val (Ted Shakelford and Joan Van Ark) should keep the season interesting.

Supplementary: Cristian by Mount Photography

Throughout the Autumn I was fortunate to feature several shoots from Gibraltar based photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. 18 year old model Cristian was featured in several of those posts including one in November (HERE:) which featured mostly images of Cristian bathed by the sun on the incredible scenic beaches in Spain.

As much as I love the breathtaking views Mark's exterior locations provide, I was also interested in some recent images that I saw of their studio work together. Mark says that Cristian is always a pleasure to shoot with a maturity well beyond his years. In these images, Cristian was the one coming up with the ideas and was very keen to push himself and develop himself more as a model.

Mark says Cristian is very determined and would like to make the most of opportunities coming his way. Just this week, Cristian made it past the semi finals of the Mr Universe Spain contest. Cristian will competing in April and is hoping he will be chosen to represent Spain at the international finals. I will keep you updated on his progress!

Kudos to Downton Abbey

Congratulations to the cast of Downton Abbey to took the acting prize for a drama at last nights SAG Awards. It was beginning to look like Downton was destined to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride (like our poor Edith). I like Homeland, but was a bit bored of it winning everything. Claire Danes get annoying at the podium has yet to shake Temple Grandin, whom she seems to inhabit whenever she accepts an award. Although I would loved to have seen my future husband Dan Stevens, actors Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech, Amy Nuttall and Sophie McShera all looked great and Phyllis Logan especially left her character Mrs. Hughes far back in the past.

If you watched last nights episode of Downton (either on PBS, or earlier in the fall elsewhere), you know Allen Leech's Branson dealt with some devastation. Maybe because I love my Matthew so much, I paid little attention to Tom most of season 1 but last season I began to see a little of what was attracting Lady Sybil.

Leech has been given many more moments to shine this season. The writers have given him a bit more depth beyond just being angry as well as a bit of glimpse of what has been hiding under his chauffeur's uniform. Leech has moved seamless to one of the male leads but I hope the show resists pairing him with another Crawley sister in the future...

The Golden Boy: Theo James

Speaking of Downton Abbey, it was back in the spring of 2011 that I first posted about the show. (Kudos to DA). Although Turkish aristocrat Kemal Pamuk only appeared in one episode, the character helped draw me into the world of the Crawley's.

Downton Abbey

Mr. Pamuk made an impression on many in Downton, Mary, Thomas and even the stoic Mr. Carson seemed a wee smitten. Pamuk's fate had a long lasting impact on the show well into season 2. The actor who played Pamuk had a long lasting impression on many as well.

A Passionate Woman

English actor Theo James has one of those faces that turns the heads of everyone around him, beautiful lines and eyes, not to mention those lips! The Oxford born actor has a number of credits, mostly UK based productions and off screen is a singer and guitarist with the London-based band Shere Khan.

James is about to get a lot of attention in North America, and even though his new CBS series Golden Boy will not premier until February 26th, he is already getting noticed. Entertainment Weekly named him one of the 13 to watch in 2013 but those of us who were introduced to James through Mr. Pamuk have already been watching for awhile!

Golden Boy