Sunday, August 6, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 7th

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Seasonal Sightings:

 Anyone else used to sleep out on the deck or porch when it got really hot and humid inside?

A Follow-Up Appointment in the ER

Last month, I took a trip to Nerdsville with posts featuring Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine from the 1984 comedy, Revenge of the Nerds. (HERE: & HERE:)  It began by watching Carradine in the 1977 flick Orca, which led me to look to see if either actor had any nude scenes on film.  They both did. 

While researching the piece, I discovered that Carradine actually made a guest appearance on ER, the long running drama starring Edwards.  It was in the shows first season, and it had me looking checking out the episode on Prime.  I watched just in time, as I only managed to catch a few episodes before the show was yanked from the streaming service.

I was still in school when ER came on the air, and it became a Thursday night staple to watch.  I often wasn't home to watch it live, but had dozens of VHS tapes full of episodes that devoured when I had the time.  I think I stopped watching at about season 7 or 8, when most of the original cast had left.  Those first five or six seasons were appointment television however, and the few episodes I watched on Prime have me craving a fuller re-watch.

ER was one of several shows in the 90's that tried to sneak in a little bit of nudity from time to time.  Unfortunately, due to a few kranky Karen's, the trend didn't last long.  Although it was the 90's, not everyone had high speed Internet in their homes, so the puritan pack mostly had to write letters to the networks to complain about the brief flash of male butt they were aghast to see on their television screens.  Check out those few brief flashes from ER on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

JayK: Meat Wave

I'm always excited when I see an e-mail from JayK in my inbox.  I've been following the model, dancer and entertainer for awhile now, and always enjoy his work, especially when he ventures out alone, with a camera, but without a stitch of clothing.

JayK has no inhibitions about stripping down, and heading out.  I've featured his work on the stage, in the studio, hiking the mountains, in the kitchen, in swimming pools, on beaches and long walks, even strolling the streets late at night. All of course, completely naked.  I've even featured JayK naked, covered only in a thick coating of honey. 

JayK and I are working on a fun piece for a future story, but until then, I wanted to share these recent summer shots of JayK walking in the mountains, and on the beach.  You can check out more of JayK in my previous pieces on his work HERE:

Tis the Season... Kyle by The Male Form by CP

'This all American jock has the entire package!'

Every August, the countdown to football tryouts begins.  If you drive by a football field in your area, you're bound to see perspective seniors and college freshman out on the field getting ready for their brief moment of opportunity.  Most coaches know exactly what they're looking for, so unless you instantly grab their attention, you won't last long.

One of the new recruits on The Male Form By CP certainly quickly grabbed my attention, and it wasn't just his neon, skin tight pair of Nike Pros.  I've been following the work of Campbell Photography for awhile now, and he never disappoints with model choices and finding the hottest young studs to add to his stable of hotties.

I first noticed CP's images of Kyle, aka Mr. K ,earlier this summer and knew immediately that I wanted to see more.  Although one of the newest models on the site, he quickly became popular getting lots of attention, and plenty of exposure.  Kyle hails from the Northern US and these images come from his very first every pro shoot for The Male Form By CP.   Kyle got really into his first shoot, and was quickly coming up for recommendations for shots after his fist day.

If you want to see more of Kyle, head on over to The Male Form By CP. If you use the promo code Save10 you can save on $10 when you join.  If you want to see another of my favorite models from the site, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE: