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Happy Birthday today April 15th

Happy 23rd to actor Cody Christian!

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ACTORS & Skin: Colm Feore

When I first saw Chicago back in 2002, I became more than a little obsessed. I listened to the soundtrack endlessly, my favorite song, I Move On, which played during the closing credits. I watched it again, and again, when it came out on DVD, but then, never saw it again until it was on one of my movie channels last weekend. I DVR'd it and watched it again last weekend. I loved it just as much as the first time I saw it. I was reminded just how hot Dominic West is and how tragic it was that Renée Zellweger stopped making movies and how much I am looking forward to seeing her again in Judy.

I was also reminded of how much I love the movies closing credits. The way the editor matched music with film clips as the cast credits role is masterful. Watching this time, I was drawn to a face I have seen many times on screen before, but with this viewing, the incredible face of actor Colm Feore had me wondering why I haven't focused on the talented actor before. If you don't know Colm Feore, you're wrong, and if you do know of some of his projects, you have only touched the surface of his amazing resume.

Feore's IMDB page is one the longest I have seen with dozens of movies from small independent films through huge blockbusters. On television, he's been in everything from historic dramas like The Borgias, action shows like 24 and political dramas like The West Wing and House of Cards. The busy actor has seven movies headed to the big screen, all due to be released in the upcoming year.

As impressive as his movie and TV resume is, Feore's theatre resume is equally impressive. With his strong and memorable face, Feore was born to emote to the back of the theatre.  Although born in Boston, Feore grew up in Canada when as a child, he moved with his family moved to Windsor, Ontario. The aspiring actor attended the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.

Romeo & Juliet (1984)

Although Feore appeared on Broadway in 2005 with Denzel Washington in Julius Caesar most of theatre roles have been in Canada. Starting in the early 80's, Feore has appeared in over 20 productions with the Stratford Theatre Festival, North America’s largest classical repertory theatre.

Hamlet (1991)

Cyrano de Bergerac (1994)

King Lear (2014)

Broadway, with Denzel Washington and Jessica Hecht in Julius Caesar (2005)

Below: One of my favorite shots of Feore by LydiaPhotoMontreal, a publicity shot for Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993)
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993)

Iron Eagle II (1988)

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

House of Cards (2016)

Actors & SKIN: Colm Feore

In addition to his great face, actor Colm Feore also has a great body, one of which he's kept mostly under wraps throughout his career. Although he may have had some shirtless scenes, I could only find one nude scene on the actors resume, the 2000 Canadian drama, The Perfect Son. I included a clip below, as well as a few caps from Feore on The Borgias.

Feore on the beach in Barbados 2014

A Perfect Son (2000)

In The Perfect Son, Feore plays Ryan, who is reunited with his brother Theo (David Cubitt) y their fathers death. Ryan was always the 'perfect son' growing up and Theo was the black sheep. When Ryan shares that he's dying of AIDS, the two brothers come together to try to rebuild their relationship.

The Borgias (2011-2013)

Although there was nudity on The Borgias, Feore kept his 'diaper' on. In this scene however, Feore almost looks like he's wearing a condom, given how 'form fitting' the material seems to be. Although Feore wasn't naked, from the quote below from The National Post, the actor got an eye full of co-star Jeremy Irons.

'We do this scene and Jeremy Irons comes in f–king naked. He’s wearing this see-through camisole thing and he sits down. My character is placed behind him and I get the crack of his ass. I’m in this scene and I have to act now with Jeremy Irons lifting his skirt and going, ‘Here you go. Deal with that.'
Colm Feore

Cheshire Based: Josh by Male Beauty by bengie

'Hi Guys.....I'm a Cheshire based Photographer...'

Keen eyed FH readers might recognize the simmering hot Josh from a piece I did last year. In Towel Dried, I focused on the shower set images from photographer Male Beauty by bengie. The two images of Josh that I included featured that pesky pink towel covering the goods as Josh dried off. Given Josh's junk is on display in so many other of bengie's great shots, I had to ask bengie about a possible second helping of Josh.

Josh has an incredible look, strong and confident with a handsome face and beautiful blue eyes. An ex infantry man and football player, Josh says is very comfortable with my body and states that he's proud to show it off. Thank goodness for us. Josh looks striking in every shot and bengie took full advantage of Josh's pride in his body by capturing him in various poses and locations.

If you believe as I do that great images soak up some of the atmosphere in which their shot, bengie's images of Josh display both his impressive physique, as well as his surroundings. Although Josh hails from Australia not England, he still looks right at home on bengie's Cheshire farm, whether hanging out in the barn, or having a spot of tea out on the patio.

One of the reason I love bengie's work so much is his visual blend of incredible male forms he shoots with with feel and sights of his farm and property. Many photographers choose to weave in their environment, and I love when images of the male form also take me somewhere that I both fantasize about erotically, and geographically. Like everyone, I often dream of beautiful bodies, but I also dream of travel and fascinating places I dream of visiting.

I have visually visited beautiful beaches through images of the male form on both Coasts of the US, in Spain and Australia. I've travelled through forests and up mountains, to hidden creaks and abandoned buildings, prisons and factories throughout Europe and many states and provinces in America. One of my favorite places to virtually visit is England, a place I have yet to experience. Until I finally get there, I love when the artists that I feature can give me a taste of what's to come.

One of the first things that struct me when I discovered bengie's work was the first lie of his biography describing himself as Cheshire based. Cheshire just sounds exactly what I envision a county in Northern England might be like. A quick google search shows historic buildings and rural villages and structures made of the famous local red sandstone. Where as we have mayors and police chiefs, even the titles to the county's leaders have names like High sheriff and Lord Lieutenant, names which only add to mystique, especially someone who has never been there.

Now I'm not sure Cheshire, or bengie's farm would love up to my vision, but the house and barn that bengie uses as his studio, and the cows and flowers and fields which often act as a backdrop, all add to to texture of his images. I'll get to England one day soon, and although I expect there will be historic building and rural villages to see, I can only dream there might also be a hunky Australian awaiting my arrival...