Thursday, June 25, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 26th

Riley by JW Johnson
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Favorites: Gael Nicolas

Turned off by grey hair?  Then you obviously haven't spent enough time enjoying images of French model Gael Nicolas and staring into his beautiful blue eyes.

Green Screen: Riley by JW Johnson

FH readers are familiar with my love of JW Johnson's work, and if you've checked out his website, (HERE:) you know it's quite a body of work indeed!  JW has assembled such a massive portfolio from his years of shooting the male form, that's overwhelming trying to choose a specific model or shoot for a feature. 

In addition to the many models JW's has worked with, I'm also a huge fan of the old farm house, farm and barn he often shoots in.  It was in that barn, that I first saw images of Riley last year.  Initially, I thought the barn shoot might be a little more erotic than the shoots I usually feature, but decided to go forward and asked JW if he had any shots of Riley, well... less aroused, that I used to introduce the piece.  When JW sent back this series, I knew they needed a feature of their own.

'The shot of Riley in the gnarly cedar tree and the huge mossy walls and passages are a few miles away at Rim Rock Trails.'

When I first read 'Rim Rock', I had to google to ensure JW wasn't pulling my leg, but indeed, the Rim Rock trails lay close to the Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois.  I loved JW's shots of Riley surrounded by a cascade of so many shade of green.  Green is my favorite color, and I think almost every shade of green appears in the backdrop Mother Nature so graciously supplied for the shoot.

The combination of natural, and man made paths, caverns and moss covered walls provide an incredible setting for images of the male form.   Despite the location being a tourist attraction, and usually crowed with visitors,  JW shares that he and Riley managed to shoot with relatively few eyes on them.

'There were a.lot less people to put up with at Rim Rock than Garden of the Gods...we got lucky at Garden of the Gods, and shot down below all the big rocks on lesser known trails...most of the visitors there stand up on top of the huge rocks where the big views are located...and shot some in the campground there as well.'

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about JW's  shots of Riley in the barn, I'll feature them very soon.  Consider this set an introduction, a brief stop in the forest before arriving at your final destination in the barn.

Rory Kinnear in Women in Love

There were many hot men on Showtimes recent airing of the series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Daniel Zovatto and Johnathan Nieves are both beautiful, but there was another talented actor who caught my eye.  Actor Rory Kinnear appeared in the first Penny Dreadful, and even made up as 'the creature', there was something erotically appealing about him.

It was in his movements, in mannerisms, and especially in his eyes.  There wasn't much appealing about Kinnear's character Peter Craft, but Kinnear, as he did with 'the creature', managed to convey a humanity, a damaged character you were drawn to despite his cruelty and flaws.

City of Angels (2020)

Penny Dreadful (2014)

Women in Love (2011)

Some may remember that I featured the 1970's film adaption of the D. H. Lawrence novel sevearal years ago.  (Wrestlemania)Fans of the male form know the film was as known for his nude male wresting scene as it was for Lawrence's beautiful dialogue.turned into British drama.  In the 1970 film version, it was actors Alan Bates and Oliver Reed rolling around naked in front of a huge fireplace.

I wasn't as aware, of the 2011 adaption of the story in the form of a BBC Mini-Series.  In this version, it was Kinnear and actor Joseph Mawle wrestling naked, in this version, on a beach.  Setting it on a beach made the nude wrestling a little more natural I suppose.  I was impressed that even the television re-make featured full nudity from both it's leading men.