Friday, December 13, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

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Mistletoe hung where you can see...

'Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone dancin' merrily
In the new old-fashioned way'

No one's ornaments hang quite as festively as Fitnessfreak_unleashed.  FH readers have seen a lot of FF over the years, including his Lake Powell shoot from 2018.  Although he always looks incredible naked, there is something about his snowy white tights that get the chestnuts roasting.

Prime Time Supporters: Julian Morris in The Morning Show

I'm five episodes in with The Morning Show, and it's incredibly addictive.  Soapy, overly dramatic and a whole lot of fun, not to mention some great performances from the entire lead and supporting cast, especially Billy Crudup.

Episode five brought a far too brief appearance from actor Julian Morris.  I've crushed after Julian since his days on ER and featured him back in the site's early days in 2008. (HERE:)  Although Morris has shown much more on screen in the past, his alley hook up with Reese Witherspoon was incredibly hot!

The English actor played the Irish bartender Andrew, and I'm not sure anyone could say no to his  adorable face and equally adorable accent.  Too bad Reese only wanted a one time quickie as Andrew seemed disappointed when she left as soon as they completed the deed.

The Morning Show (2019)

Saki: FaVorites

'I like to photograph the male body but I do not often find volunteers then I often, so therefore, I use myself as the model'

I first featured the work of Paris based model and photographer Saki back in 2015.  Since then, I have done several features on his work behind, and in front of, the camera. (HERE:)  I love Saki's imagery, and have been saving some of my favorite images since last featuring his work.

There's one particular FH reader, as well as FH supporter, who is also a fan of Saki's work, and has written to me about his admiration of Saki's work, and his appreciation for sexy men over a certain age.

'Your feature today with Saki – Prime' – is both beautiful and supportive. As a 61-yr old man, it is reassuring to learn and see that men my age can be considered truly attractive inside and out. Even sexy. And just being fairly “normally fit”, not bulked up. Awesome. Amazing.'
FH reader

Although I try to feature men of all ages and body types, when I see images of Saki, I don't see age.  His beauty and sensuality are always front and center and his body is one I'm sure many much younger men would love both have or be with.

Smokin' Signals: Vinny by Richard Rothstein

Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon

Without a fireplace or chimney, Vinny knows exactly how to draw Santa, or anyone,  in.  In this series, Richard Rothstein beautifully captures the smokin' signals that Vinny's sending out for all to both see and enjoy.

I'm continually amazed at how skillfully Richard Rothstein utilizes the spaces in which he shoots.  His direction and architectural eye always seem to capture incredible poses that perfectly encompass both the area, and feel of the space.  Whether it be a rooftop cubbyhole, or spacious apartment, the models that Richard captures always touch, interact and inhabit with the their entire surroundings.