Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Pic Of the Day for October 31st

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 31st Dermot Mulroney

Actor Dermot Mulroney was my favorite Birthday guy last Halloween. I just love the guy. Emensly talented, super hot. He also reminds me so much of a guy I crushed over all through Jr High. Deermot turns 45 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for October 31st

Fitness model, and former Playgirl guy (January 1991) Thom Collins turns 42 today.

3 Other Favorites Celebrating on Halloween

3 other favorites Celebrating on Halloween:

Brent Corrigan turns 22 today.

Talented and adorable Justin Chatwin turns 26 today.

The Beautiful Kim Rossi-Stuart from Rome turns 39 today.

Also Celebrating today October 31st

Also celebrating today October 31st

Beautiful Actor Rafael Novoa turns 37 today.

Nicky Wu turns 38 today.

Vanilla Ice turns 40 today.

AJ Hammer turns 42 today.

Darryl Worley turns 44 today.

Ken Wahl turns 54 today.

Ron Rifkin turns 69