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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 13th

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Happy Birthday today November 13th

Happy 50th to actor Gerard Butler!

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Seasonal Sightings

Anthony Timiraos: expose LOVE

'Sometimes, a model will ask to be photographed with their spouse, or boyfriend and often asked to match them up with another model. That naturally led to an archive of intimate couples photographs which has grown over 4 years into a collection I have compiled in this new book expose love.'

Over the last four years, photographer Anthony Timiraos has photographed over 100 men in classical nude poses. Over the last two years, I've had the privilege of featuring many of those men, and many of Anthony's shoots on FH. Anthony showcaed many of those 100 men in his books, expose, and expose More. In the third volume of his expose series, Anthony turns his focus to couples and exposeLove.

I had the opportunity to tease a bit of a preview of exposeLove when I featured Anthony's work with David and Rixio last year. (Pareja Caliente) After enjoying Anthony's work for awhile now, and seeing his work with David and Rixio, I was prepared to enjoy close to 150 images of hot bodies and hot couples. I wasn't quite as prepared for the emotional punch the images produced.

I think it was Anthony's powerful words at the beginning of the compilation. They brought a historical perspective to the work that stuck with me long after closing the book's last page. I began FH at time when enjoying the male form was 'relatively' acceptable. If not completely acceptable, the Internet made it as least relatively easy. It's easy to take for grated that the ability to see incredible images of nude men wasn't always as simple, or as safe.

'I aimed for scenes that showed the love and passion between two men, free to express their emotions, relationship and their bodies. Just a few short years ago two men holding hands in public was not acceptable in many communities. Around the time of the Stonewall riots in 1969, this book would most likely be considered pornography and if I was able to find a commercial printer, it would only be available fully wrapped behind a counter so as not to be exposed to the general public.'

'Today, a book about love and affection between men in classical nude poses is more easily available but still restricted in many places. I am hopeful that while you are viewing my collection, you will feel the affection expressed by the models and understand the importance of equality by reading the selected famous quotes I have included. We should be grateful for the years of LGBTQ+ advocacy, education and litigation after the Stonewall riots.'

'We are closer together with less fear of retribution, but that does not mean we have reached full equality and not vulnerable to advances going backwards. There are still many struggling with censorship and acceptance at home, in a nearby neighborhood, city, state or country. Progress has been made over the years but these successes should not make us feel overly confident of the future. Never forget our history, don’t be afraid to remind new generations of our struggles and always encourage others to get involved in their civil rights. Be proud.'

KB: Facing The Camera

First three images from Neil Dunbar

'I enjoy facing the camera and love that I'm capturing my youth and my growth.  To be honest, I also enjoy getting naked, and also would love to know how people think about my look and body. I always love feedback. I also like exchanging ideas. Even exchanging modeling pics and giving feedback to each other.'

When I saw my first images of KB, I can easily tell you exactly what I thought.  Beautiful and incredibly hot!  Not every image of every model combines both beauty and hotness, nor is that always the goal.  KB however,  has a powerful presence in front of the lens and skillfully uses his entire body, his beautiful face and emotive yes to entice, then capture and keep the viewers attention.

Next two images from Eric Rox Photography

The first images of KB that I saw were images he had submitted in the Model Mayhem pic of the day contest.   The images were strikingly dramatic, and although they images were full nudes, the focus was on more than  KB's incredible physique.  What stood out to me was KB's attitude, specifically, the strength and confidence that came through in his stance and proudly faced the camera.

I immediately got in touch and was pleased that KB was on board for a piece on the site.  I was hoping to include a few of those first  nudes that I saw, but wasn't sure what he'd think. KB is from Hong Kong, and I've had several models from Hong Kong that have been reluctant to have full nudes published due to the how nudity is culturally perceived.  KB is fully aware of the perception, but in addition to his love of being naked, KB has also traveled extensively and experienced the difference in how nudity is perceived, especially during his time in Europe and The States.

Next three images by PetezImagez Photography

What or who brought you to modeling?
Simple start - I was asked by a photographer friend. From my first experience of modeling, I started loving it. I do modeling, apart from challenging myself, also because I can capture my youth and body growth in time.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?
I actually love most of the experiences. I think for some more memorable ones are those shooting outdoors, as it’s really difficult to get naked outdoor. Usually the outcomes from outdoor shooting are very natural photos, beautifully showing the body.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?
I think the most odd one was the photographer was still struggling with using the camera. It showed me that he was not professional and even not qualified and skillful enough to do the shooting. I also had a photographer asking me to stay over, when it was the first time we met each other.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to shoot nudes? 
I usually will take a look at the photographer’s portfolio. If I really like it, I don’t mind shooting nudes. It will be even nicer if there have been a number of nude models collaborated with the photographer before. I also value mutual understanding and more conversations before the first shooting. This will let us understand each other more.

My first nude shoot was actually my first time doing modeling, with my photographer friend. I completely trusted him. I think trust is really important for all shooting.

On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were? 
Perhaps a 5. To be honest I was not very nervous in a sense that I did build trust with the photographer before the shooting. The only worries were like concerning whether my body looked good to the photographer or in the camera, or maybe a bit nervous that if I would get an erection during the shooting. But actually I shouldn’t have worries that much. The shooting turned out quite well.

Next three images from macpics

Did the response from friends/family/ enter into your decision?
I think a little bit. Actually I don’t mind other people seeing me naked, but not those close friends or my family haha. I prefer receiving feed back from those who are not so familiar with.

Had you ever been naked in public before modeling? 
Haha yes. I went to a nude beach in Miami a year before. I love it. Walking and hanging around completely free. Met a few friends and had really great conversation with each other when we were naked. This is something that not legally allowed in Hong Kong - pretty sad.

What are your boundaries for a shoot?
Why should we set a boundaries for ourselves? I’d like to try different concepts and ideas. I want to push myself and jump out of my comfort zone. Usually before shooting I’ll communicate and discuss with the photographer. I’ll ask them what styles/themes do they think will be suitable for me. Then we can decide the direction of the shooting. So far I dun think I’ve said “no” to a particular concept if the photographer thinks I’m suitable and can handle it well.

There are stereotypes about specific cultures and countries when it comes to nudity, was this something that factored into your work?

Sadly yes. I think nudity is still somewhat a taboo, especially in Hong Kong and some other Asian countries. I travel to different countries by time to time. I’m always inspired by how open the western countries can be. For example, there are a number of nude events (like nude yoga and painting classes) in the U.S., and it’s legal to be naked in some of the European countries. I really hope that one day my home can be more open and we can be naked freely in at least some places.

What's the best compliment you received?
Saying my nudes are sexy, and reassure that if I’m going to publish a naked album there will be a lot of supporters. Of course, I doubt it.. haha.

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
Too many...I personally love artistic style and shooting in the nature. Some photographers I’d love to work with, for example, Norm Yip, Brenton Perry, Vincent Six, Apollo Art Photography...too many really. But perhaps I’m not an ideal model to some of them. I’d work harder to improve!

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
I don’t think I have a particular part I’m most happy with, but perhaps the overall average sized body, though I’d prefer a little bit more hunky.  Most attention - not quite sure. Perhaps my smooth skin? Butt? What do you think?

Last four three from Ys Photography

What is easier or more enjoyable to showcase, your body, or your personality?
In the end, it’s more important through the images people will see my personality. It’s always easy to show my body, just have to get naked and show to the camera. However, how you pose and show your mood/expression accounts more to show my inner self. It’s still a learning process.

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do?
Outdoor nudes with beautiful scenery,  mountains, valleys, and the sea. Also, perhaps dual shooting with female models, as I haven’t tried before.

What made you decide to start an ONLYFANS page?
As said, I’ve tried different styles of shooting. Some theme are prohibited on MM, that’s why I created ONLYFANS so to have a platform to share more of these works or even some daily selfies.

What has the experience been like?
I’m just starting and have gone through a little bit ups and downs. In fact, I was trying to keep my profile low. But then I found it hard to maintain the page with very few people supporting. Now I’m still thinking what is the right use and direction of the page. Happy to get feed back from you guys!

What can people who join expect from the page?
Nudity is the basic, but there is more than that:)