Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 13th

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Seasonal Sightings

Santa's Sack

Hungry? Satisfy your Sweet Tooth!

'How do you satisfy a man in the kitchen? Pour sprinkles and chocolate sauce all over him!'

Photographer Michael Craft knows that two of the things we crave the most, two of the things we think about, dream about, lust about. Two of the things we love to taste and devour are mouthwatering, decadent and ooey, gooey good! Michael combines both, smooth hot men and creamy sugary goodness together in his new book 'Sweet Tooth'.

Who doesn't want a little eye candy when satisfying your sweet tooth? Who doesn't like a little naked skin to go with their vanilla and caramel? Sweet Tooth combines naked men with a delicious array of recipes to turn them on. And hell, if they don't bite, you've got the baked goods right at devour! Michael's new book was a labor of love, from selecting the 27 sexy models to taste, eat and later up in the sexy desserts they pose with.

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Instagrams that Inspire: George Todd McLachlan

George Todd McLachlan (GTM) is a talented actor and recording artist, but I it was his images on Instagram that first led me to his work. George lights up in front of the camera exuding a sultry energy that's totally captivating.

George has had small parts in Grease Live, Fresh Off The Boat, CSI and Guidance and appears in the new film adaptation of Billionaire Boys Club which featuring Taron Egerton, Billie Lourd and Ansel Elgort.

Fashion & Form: David by Greg Lindeblom

'It is still a dream to collaborate with him again -- this time in Paris. We will make it happen.'

So often in life, there seems to be a emphasis on new. Some, including many photographers, seem more invested in uncovering a new body, than the actual creative process. Therefore, I always consider it significant when a photographer shares their excitement about the possibility of shooting again with a model they have already worked with. An essential piece of creating is inspiration, and not all creative collaborations inspire and satisfy a photographer's artistic energy and vision.

With just a quick glimpse at some Greg Lindeblom's images of David is all you need to see why the Florida photographer would be creatively inspired to work again with the French model. David has a ruggedly handsome face and an incredible body which so perfectly personifies the strength and beauty so many of us associate with, and imagine when envisioning the male form.

In many of Greg's images, David's physique is reminiscent of Classical statues and Ancient Greek sculptures. especially in with of the incredible body poses captured. David creates such elegantly masculine long lines and curves. David's body, and his artistry and finesse with pose, come from his years of training and work as an aerialist and dancer. Greg shares that David is also an amazing dancer, and dance teacher, which help contribute to why Greg says he's a dream to work with.

'I love to shoot with dancers. They are so body-aware and are trained to pose beautifully. Whether it is a long-pose or short one, dancers know how to look fantastic. I used David's dance background in creating the images with him. '

Working on FH has led me to believe that you can't always truly appreciate a naked body, unless you also see it dressed. It is one of the reasons I chose 'Fashion & Form' to title this selection of images. Whenever I feature Greg's work, there is always an varied array nude imagery, with a focus on form and creative and classical poses. In fact, the first image of Greg that I saw were the nudes, which had me wanting to feature more of his work with David. Greg also generally shoots a selection of fashion, fitness and underwear looks, and when he sent on a wider selection of images, my appreciation for David's nude's only grew stronger.

There is a reason Greg's dream is not only to shoot with David again, but to do it in Paris. David is pretty much sticking close to home these days, for work and because he is now a parent. But, as an aerialist and dancer, one of David's jobs was a cruise contract which brought him into the port of Miami pretty much on a weekly basis. This made it fairly easy to plan multiple shoots when David was in Miami. Earlier this year, Greg was in Paris, but although they talked on the phone, were unable to find a day both were free to shoot. It remains a goal though, and I look forward to hearing when Greg is again heading to La Ville Lumière.

'The most shown image from the shoot is called "To Dance". The lyrical way he posed his body made that image something special. It has a prized position in my portfolio.'