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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 2nd

Lenny by Suntown Photo
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Happy Birthday today October 2nd

Happy 29th to actor, and former Survivor contestant, Wyatt Nash!

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The Reluctance Rationale: Lenny by Suntown Photo

'When making arrangements with him for the shoot I asked if on this occasion he would go as far as baring his bum. He said he would think about it.'

Reluctance is a perfect example of a word ripe with connotative meaning. For many, reluctance is a positive piece within the stages of accomplishment. Great achievements for many, begin with hesitation and reluctance. In other cases, reluctance is a signal, a sign that something isn't right. An indicator that what it precedes will not end up being a positive or even safe.

In terms of sexuality, reluctance again can be both positive and negative. Most people experience a degree reluctance before trying something new. The reluctance can connected to both fear and excitement. I think the determining factor in whether the reluctance is positive or negative is the end result of the experience that elicited the reluctance to begin with.

It is fairly common for models to be reluctant the first time they pose nude. There are so many factors that play into one's comfortably with exposing for their bodies for others see, to judge, to enjoy. I have profiled models, whose reluctance didn't dissipate as the shoot progressed. The hesitant feelings and fears remained throughout, and although uncovered, they remain visibility unhappy, uncomfortable, unattached. I know some find this exciting, but I find these images difficult to enjoy and appreciate. It does nothing for me to see a model posing as if they were coerced or forced as if they have a gun to their head.

When however, a model pushes past their reluctance with positive results, when they enjoy the shoot and feel empowered by the experience, their reluctance can be incredibly hot. I find it incredibly sexy to see a reluctant or shy model experience an increase in confidence as they decrease the amount of clothing on their bodies. That is exactly what happened for Lenny when he joined Suntown Photo for this shoot.

Before 22 year old Lenny stepped into the back garden, the only shoot he had done were ones in which he was fully clothed. With his great body, hair and glasses, Lenny reminds me of a sexy blonde version of Clark Kent. For our sexy Superman, showing more skin was a big deal, and when Lenny and Suntown began discussing the shoot, he was initially reluctant to show much. In fact, it was a big deal for Lenny to strip down and be photographed only in his briefs. As you can see however, with little reluctance, the briefs came down.

'It is always interesting see how guys who do modelling grow in confidence. I first met Lenny just over 6 months and he had never shot without being fully clothed. Well fortunately for me he enjoyed the experience and was happy to arrange a 2nd shoot with me. When making arrangements with him for the shoot I asked if on this occasion he would go as far as baring his bum. He said he would think about it. So prior to him arriving I did not know how far he would go...'

Lenny enjoyed the experience so much, he did indeed return for that second shoot. Suntown loves getting his models wet, so for the second shot, Lenny happily jumped fully naked into the shower. His only concern was wanting to shave some of his body hair first and was thinking of getting his bum waxed before the shoot. Thankfully Suntown convinced him not to. You can see the second shoot in the shower, as well as more images from Lenny's first shoot on Suntown's ONLYFANS site HERE:

Prime Time

KJ Apa from Entertainment Weekly

Television has always promoted their Prime Time hunks. From those shirtless nighttime soap hotties and those tight jean wearing Duke boys in the 80's through the hottie demons and supernatural hunters currently dominating the CW. What is relatively new though is the amount of nudity we now enjoy on our television sets.

Sterling K Brown

It used to be the only way to see a naked man on screen was in the movies, or via renting or downloading. Today, prime time is full of naked men. HBO and cable have always shown small amounts of skin, but today, it is almost a requirement for all of their television series.

American Horror Story: Cult
Evan Peters giving Billy Eichner an eye full

Although networks dipped their toes in the water in the 90's and early 2000's with quick flashes of skin on shows like NYPD Blue and even The Young & the Restless, the trend was short lived. In part, it may be due to the FCC, NYPD Blue was fined $1.2 million for showing a naked ass in a 2003 episode. Although the fine was nullified, networks seem nervous to again take the risk.

Colton Haynes

TV continues to teeter along the boundaries, and I think it's only a matter of time before networks give nudity another try. With cable shows like Game of Thrones, which owes some of its buzz due to it's hot cast and occasional nude scenes, networks will be looking for ways to compete. It's interesting that although on most cable shows, female nude nudity out number male nudity, on network, it is more likely to see skin from the male cast members. If you look at a show like Riverdale, it is more likely the male cast who skin. The show has pretty much gotten Archie (KJ Apa) about as naked as is possible on a network show.

Ron Melendez

Alan Ritchson in Blood Drive

Sam Heughan in Outlander
Caps via Xander7

Kit Harington in Game of Thrones