Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 18th

'Branch' by Robert Colgan whom I profiled below.

I try to be a pretty nice guy. In early August I was out with my dog when the old woman down the street mentioned how much the humidity was bothering her. Since I figured the summer was over (given July in the North East was nothing but rain and dreary days). I offered to bring her down my air conditioner. She gladly accepted my offer. I took it down a couple of weeks ago and although I offered to put it in for her, she insisted her nephew would be over to do it later that day.

Well, I sit here now dieing of the heat after just having installed it for her. (her nephew never showed...) Of course she wanted it in her bedroom which meant getting a latter and removing a storm window which had not been taken off in 50 years. Well, the old lady is cool. I am not.

I say all this as I am taking a bit of a blog break! Not a net break, I will still be posting at least one thing daily and looking for some great upcoming posts. But...until this heat goes away (hopefully by the weekend) spending too much time at once on this computer is almost torture. Popping on for small bits is fine, but despite a window fan (and a panting dog whom insists on lying on my feet, even in the heat...)I think I will stay cool for a few days! Promise at least 1 post a day, but until I return full force enjoy today's posts!


Happy Birthday Today August 18th to:

Very talented group blowing out candles today August 18th

Andy Samberg turns 31 today.

Christian Slater turns 40 today.

Edward Norton turns 40 today.

All time favorite Playgirl Guy, Brian Buzzini turns 47 today.

Here's to a healthy and Happy 57th for Patrick Swayze.

The wonderful Robert Redford turns 73 today. Robert directed one of my all time time favorite flicks, 'Ordinary People'.

Pic Series of the Day: Nicholas Boehmke by Joseph Bleu

I love it when two my favorites work together. Two of my favorites got together for a great shoot for Têtu. Nicholas Boehmke from Major Models is really taking off an becoming a favorite of mine. Love his beautiful,distinct face, great body and back tattoo. Check out my previous post on Nicholas HERE: Joseph Bleu has been a favorite photographer of mine for a few years now. Joseph is also the first photographer to have written me, offering support for a post after I began the blog. Such talent and class. As always, check out Joseph's site HERE:

Kudo's to Superherofan

Kudo's to Superherofan and his AMAZING site! I have been visiting it regularly for awhile but this week he has certainly outdone himself. Amazing caps of all my favorites! Be sure to check it out HERE:

Adrian Grenier in 'Entourage'

Alexander Skarsgård in 'True Blood'

AJ Kessler by Robert Colgan

The Model: AJ Kessler

25 year old AJ Kessler hails from Ohio. AJ is serious about modeling and wants those around him serious about it as well. AJ has everything it takes in my opinion with his stunning face, great eyes and long lean and sexy body. Just a question of timing! AJ also likes to be creative in his work creating not just an image but an emotion.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 143 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Other
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience

The Photographer: Robert Colgan

Roberts artist statement from his site:

'Literally and symbolically, it is man and the male image which forms the foundation of this work. Man as a singular figure serves as a symbol for mankind in its broader sense. The nude is a distillation of this symbol in its most basic condition... the nude as a blank slate. With this icon at the core, the balance of each piece becomes a description of man's interaction with the world. Suggestions of science, archeology and history allude to a sense of timelessness while the simplicity of the classically romanticized image describes a strong personal and emotional state - the dark mysteries and dreams of man rising to the surface.'

The above statement sums up why I love Robert's work so much. Robert does not just place his models in front of colored back drops, he places them in locations usually forgotten by the rest of society. There is something rather haunting about many of Robert's shots having the beauty of the male form in abandoned factories, machines and locations many consider eye sores. Somehow his skill brings out beauty where one would least expect it. Be sure to check out more of Robert's amazing work at his site HERE:

'When a person is devoid of clothing, he/she suddenly has no societal or chronological connections to the world - they become a symbol - even if just a symbol of beauty. This is the ideal concept for my work.'
Robert Colgan

Just Because: Steven Daigle

Steven Daigle did not remain on Big Brother for long last season, but long enough to gain a following. Steven came across as kind, caring and opened up many to the world of gay rodeos (I never would have guessed...) Steven is looking to increase his followers on Twitter and thought posting a nude shot might just have the numbers shoot up. You can check out Steven's twitter page HERE:

Chad White and Kerry Degman by Joe Lally

Above: Chad White

I am sure these are going to be posted everywhere today. (I try not to post what is going to be posted everywhere, but this series is just too too hot!!!)
Two of my favorite models photographed by one of the most creative guys in the business Joe Lally. This hot day just became a scorcher! Check out all the pics of Chad White and Kerry Degman at Contributing Editor HERE: