Sunday, April 24, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 25th

Up Up & Away by skycladarts
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Happy Birthday today April 25th

Happy 30th to actor John DeLuca!

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FaVorite FiVe: Keegan Allen

I have not watched Pretty Little Liars, but after seeing promotional shots of actor Keegan Allen for King Cobra, I think it may be worth checking it out. In addition to his great body, love Keegan's lips and nose. The incredibly hot Keegan was stripped down to a towel for his TV gig, hopefully we'll see a bit more on the big screen.

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Allen on the set of King Cobra with James Franco

The Boob Tube

James Lastovic

Joey Johnson: Days Of Our Lives
Airdate: April 22nd, 2016

It's About Time....

I haven't had much time to watch much television the last few weeks, but when I heard 21 year old actor James Lastovic was about to have his first flash of flesh, I knew I had to DVR.

James joined the show last year, but thus far, the show has kept not only his shirt on, but his presence relatively low key.  He has proven himself to be a fine actor, turning in some really dramatic work over the last few months.  He is also hot as hell!   James was a bit of a slow burn for me,

I wasn't sure how talented or how good looking he was at first.  I think the show was trying him out, waiting for the chance to let him shine.  Wish they had done that with some of their other new cast members, who are on almost daily and whose talent, and acting ability is painful.  Their presence has me watching about twice a month, but if Joey Johnson gets a storyline, I might have to change that pattern.

skycladarts: Point & Shoot

'It was a total experiment with a point and shoot digital camera while I was playing around climbing trees here in Portugal!'

With my focus on the male form, it is fascinating to see how so many similar themes run through the work of so many photographers and artists.  Writing about the subject for the last 9 years has led me to see a clear nexus between childhood play and so many of the images and shoots that I have featured on FH.

It maybe in part, be about risk.  When we're young, we don't worry about so much  what others think or about getting hurt.  We take more changes in so many area's, to the games we play down to colors we wear, and the way we walk, or skip joyously down a street.

When I think of being a kid, I think of imaginative games.  Playing super hero, exploring old abandoned buildings, running along the beach and through fields and forests and of course, climbing tree's.  I am not sure exactly when climbing a tree went from mindless fun, to a risky endeavour, but I remember when a branch within reach, was an invitation I could not resist.

So many of these themes, and their connection with nature, recur in so many of the images and artists that I have featured.  I am sure there are reasons a therapist could explain, but quite simply, art combines both risk and play, two things most of us experience together rarely, after reaching the point of adulthood.

Stripped of society's constraints
nudity is my freedom 
awakening my senses to this natural world

The quote above, from skycladarts Steve Loxley in so many ways sums up exactly what I'm talking about.  Many of you might remember my profile of Steve's work from a few years ago. (The Elements Of Freedom)  Although not all artists express it the same way, there is a sense that when clothing is removed, there is also the removing of society's constraints and expectations and a return to childhood risk and play.

Most of the images in this piece come from Steve's working trip to Southern Portugal.  One of the jobs he was apart of was to clear out the dead wood and invasive plants in a grove of eucalyptus trees. Steve reports that they have a special feel about them, and he loves to use them to exercise, using them as a green gym.   It was the image I used as pic of the day, the fun and adventure I felt seeing Steve climbing up one of the tree's that had me reaching out to him about featuring more of his work.

'I've now taking to climbing them whenever I get the chance, as well as communing with them.  There are also some wonderful cork oaks that have great energy and also good to climb.  All this attunes itself to my pagan/wild side!'