Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 18th

Now I know most of you have seen this pic before, but it is a classic! Most of you had it downloaded at one time or another.... The Photographer Hudson Wright was one of the first photographer's whose site I visit once I was connected to the net.

CD I am playing Over And Over: Next To Normal

My respect for the talent of Aaron Tveit (and of course my mad crush) had me order the 'Next To Normal' soundtrack and I really suggest you all run out and see it if you can, or at least get the soundtrack. (Although Aaron is not currently in the cast). I have been listening it pretty much round the clock for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday on a long car ride I replayed the versions of 'Hey' featuring Jennifer Damiano and Adam Chanler-Berat (below) who plays Henry. I included a Youtube of Hey#1 below. I thank the person who posted it on Youtube, it is a beautiful song, but the video really does not do the song justice, you need to get the soundtrack.

Video uploaded by MrPiragua

Favorite Underwear of the Day: Kyle Ledeboer's

Major Models blog has posted some great new shots of one of it's hottest models, Kyle Ledeboer. I have posted about Kyle before, but be sure to check out the MM Blog HERE:

Height 6'0"
Suit 40"
Neck 15"
Waist 31"
Shoe 11 US
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown