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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 9th

Josh Humble by Al Barg
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Two, Four, Six, Eight...

What Do We Appreciate?

Jim Cleans up Well!

Not sure many of his co-workers in The Office would have guessed Jim Halpert would have looked so buff under his shirt and tie. Although Jim may have been keeping his rocking bod hidden under his white light blue dress shirts, we always knew actor John Krasinski was a hottie. For me, John'sex appeal only grew stronger with his role as both actor and director in last years A Quiet Place.

13 Hours

Recently, John shot what I believe is his first. (and hopefully not last) nude scene showering up in the new series Tom Clancey's Jack Ryan. I know have Amazon Prime, so I haven't been able watch yet, but I look forward to checking out the series when I get the chance.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Naked Attraction: Series Three

Season 3 of the British dating show Naked Attraction premiered last month, and although the episodes have been more difficult to find, I did manage to find and watch both episode one and two on Youtube. Episode 3 airs this weekend but if you want to watch the first two episodes of the third season, episode 1 is HERE: and episode 2 is HERE:

Episode 1

In the first episode, we're introduced to Josh, a 20 year old virgin who loves musical fairy tales. Josh see's himself as Prince Charming and although I wondered if he might be looking for another prince, he claims to be looking for the perfect Princess. I didn't add images, but the second segment focused on a couple Matt and Mary. They have been together for four years and were looking for another woman to bring into their relationship.


Episode 2

Episode 2's first segment focused on 27 year old Chris, who although not overly tall, still as you can see, looked incredibly hot out of his clothes.

The last segment featured Louise. British reality contestants seem to like their fictional characters. Josh wanted a princess and Louise, who loves Colin Firth is searching for her own version of Mr. Darcy.

27 year old Louise is an old fashioned girl who although does have a cell phone, has no internet connection and still listens to music on her record player. Louise narrowed down her choices to 29 year old Stefan, and 41 year old Mark

Josh Humble: Viewing, Posing, Shooting

First 7 images from Lights On Studio

'I love the nude form as art. Viewing it, posing for it, shooting it. Photographically and sensually. It's a release, and way of coping, and a way of sharing art with the world.'

It was close to years ago that I first spotted the work of Indiana model Josh Humble. It was a shot of Josh on Model Mayhem by photographer Ernest Collins. Although it was a nude shot, the focus was not on any specific body part, but Josh's incredible physique in it's entirety. I was struck by the strength and confidence Josh displayed, with both with his pose, and the overall feel from the image.

I knew I wanted to feature more of Josh's work, and last year was fortunate when Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio sent on some holiday images which featured Josh last Christmas. (HERE:) Earlier this year, Josh and I began discussing another piece, this time with a focus on bodyscapes, and Josh's passion for depicting the male form as art. Josh sent along some beautiful bodyscapes, this time from another photographer FH readers know well, Jay Rickard from JAR Visual Arts.

Josh has always appreciated the human form and although vanity is a part of many photo shoots, especially selfies, Josh's goals go beyond just 'look at me'. Josh's goal is simply to present the male form in an artful way, and to create inspiring images in front of the lens. As a photographer himself, Josh is keenly aware of the importance of collaboration, especially between model and photographer. This connection is equally important even when Josh is shooting self portraits. Beyond how he feels, or see's himself as a model, the artist within is more concerned with the overall impact and power of the image on the viewer.

Josh On:

Getting started and his Modeling Philosophy:

I originally modeled for agencies, lifestyle stuff, so on, around 16 or 17 yrs old. I modeled nude privately occasionally, but nothing was ever published from most of those years. I enjoy nude modeling as a whole. It's always nice :) I enjoy creating art on both sides of the camera, and clothed modeling just doesn't hit that level of artistry in most cases - and really - clothed modeling is more about commerce. And that's fine, but just not my thing. I'm also a minimalist, and not into all the latest fashionista stuff and accessories. Looking great when dressed is important, but I don't like to put too much into it.

Pros & Cons of Posing Nude:

I never had a problem with it on a personal level :) I used to work in nightclubs not wearing much or anything, so it's never been a thing. But doing it under my own name is new and has been SOO scary. I'm a business man in my area and my family is conservative, so I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder (Who knows what, and who am I losing?).

Some people say, "who cares," and "screw them," but it's not that simple at all. And it's important to have compassion for those who think differently or don't understand. Our perspective and life experience isn't theirs and vice versa. I've to a place however, where I no longer care who sees me nude, as long as it's done very well... BUT, I'm not at all comfortable with my family seeing it - especially, the young ones. So I've been low-key, usually going under "artmodel josh". But I'm doing it mostly under my own name now, as long as there's some kind of 18+ warning.

On-Line Experiences:

'I did a trade shoot with a photographer who totally disappeared after the shoot. We had a good chemistry, but I never heard from him again for proofs, images - nothing, even after reaching out several times. So I never got anything from it despite spending a whole day out of town for the shoot. Hope he's ok.

I do get a lot of strange offers. And whether it's paid or trade, I only shoot with photographers who have a great look in their port. No one wants to look bad, and regardless of how good a model looks, they can't be represented well if a photographer won't light them well. While I was fortunate to win a couple of Men 18+ contests on MM, I no longer enter them. Most of my submissions were getting rejected because their rules are very unclear, arbitrary and nonsensical. I'm an easy-going guy, but I got into a spat with their
moderators about all their contradictions and prudish thinking, and I never entered again.'

Self Shot


Technically, the modeling came first, but I picked up a camera around age 16 or 17, and became fascinated. I started shooting non-stop, doing it for a living / and working in the industry at a young age. As a model, I like to let the photographer capture as they see it. I've been fortunate that the photographers I've worked with trust me to work with their images in a collaborative way, so I've had a hand in the post process / retouch (that and shooting is what I do for a living). My cropping, dodging and burning, making more use of shadow and such creates more emphasis in lines, form, composition.

Remaining images from JAR Visual Arts

Posing for Artists:

'I've not yet posed for an artist in that sense, but likely will. The poses are held much longer of course, and lighting won't be as key. As well, while an artist may focus on a tighter, specific area of the body, (it's done all the time with fine art photography), most of what I see in paintings and drawings is full or nearly full body.'

Future Artistic Goals:

I'd like to do more erotic with men or women. Erotica and sexuality as art.

Favorite Shot?

I like the one of me bending over, exposing nearly all of my backside. It's daring for fine art, but still tasteful, and my legs and hips make a good shape. Hopeful, it makes those who don't appreciate such a private part of the body - especially on a man - see it in a different way, perhaps a pleasing way :)