Sunday, July 3, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 4th

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I like to be in America!

Huntley Woods

A Happy 4th to Everyone Celebrating Today!

Celebrating America with who else?  Anita from West Side Story!
Everyone there will give big cheer!

O.K. by me in America!

Chita Rivera: Anita, Broadway, 1957
Everyone there will have moved here!


When looking for visuals to celebrate the 4th my choices were varied.  I started  a number of different pieces which cover many Americana symbols. I searched a Captain America theme, an Apple Pie, coca-cola and cowboy visuals..  I may use some of what I saved in the future, but  in the end, it was the image above that formed the basis for this piece. 

Vintage military images are easy to find, but I decided to focus on comics and magazines with the American military as their cover art.  Military themed images and promotion was huge in the past, not only for recruitment, but also as a way to ensure the general public bought that war was a great career choice and a positive male bonding extravaganza.  There was little room for the truth of the true horror that war was, and continues to be. 

It was not surprising, that sailors were the focus in so many of the images. Sailors have always been used as a symbol of not only youth and vitality, but also as blatant examples of sex and sexuality. Sailors represent the young, the innocent.  They also represent the incredibly horny teenagers side of the military,  . 

Their uniforms are interesting, not tough and masculine like those worn by soldiers.  There is almost a unisex feel to the white sailor suit that appeals to a much wider and diverse audience.

Catch of the day!

Ev'rything free in America

Rita Moreno: Anita-film, 1961
Hundreds of flowers in full bloom

Stars, Stripes and Skin

Strong Mind, Strong Body: The Renaissance Man by Bobby Shahideh

Ok, so not Ev'rything is free in America.  Most things cost, if not financially, then emotionally or spiritually.  Pride, patriotism and love of one's country shouldn't cost financially,  but the current Presidential race certainly proves there can be a high cost to pay to maintain your values and stand by what you believe in.

If you google search, and I did... .'American Flag, naked man' a handful of images of naked hunks with flags do come up. There are stock photos and images used on many sites year after year on the 4th.  I have been fortunate that many artists have shared with me original 4th of July themed images with a focus on the flag, and sometimes, on the pole...  Here are a few recent favorites.

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For a small fee in America!

Karen Olivo: Anita-Broadway, 2009
Very big deal in America!

Adoniis by New Manhattan Studios

'Adoniis moves with the grace of the dancer that he is and nails his poses with an expertise born of experience in front of the camera.'

Sometimes my holiday images come in at the last minute, other times, they are months in the making. I was fortunate that I knew Adoniis would be gracing my Independence posts since last winter after first viewing his patriotic poses in Captured Shadows #2.   When the Alex Corso themed issue arrived in my mailbox in the middle of winter, a little note from Wes to check out Adoniis, had me looking forward to July.

New Manhattan Studios has now produced three issues of Captured Shadows, each headlining one particular model, along with portfolios of other models the studio has shot this past year.  Books and sites devoted to the male form can be expensive, but I love NMS's magazine style format.  For a small fee you can get a beautiful paper magazine sent to your front door, or a simple download for the e-magazine version.

Wes describes Adoniis as one of the most talented and attractive models to walk into the studio. 'He’s eager and bright and very determined.'  What impressed Wes the most was his rather uncommon mix of day jobs and future plans. This dancer/model has supported himself with a traditional mix of day jobs while chasing his dreams and, with an eye to the future, is now in an executive training program with a bank.

'Oh, he’s not ready to throw in the towel on modeling, but he has a clear goal for what comes next when the jobs start getting fewer and fewer, as inevitably they must and will. Perhaps he's such a clear-eyed optimist because New York is his hometown.'

You can check out more of NMS's work with Adoniis on ModelMayhem HERE:  Or, head on over to New Manhattan Studios and check out Adoniis without that beautiful American flag covering his incredible body!