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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 17th

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Seasonal Sightings:

The Second Steven:

Earlier this year,  I noticed the 1980's prime-time soap Dynasty began airing on a local retro-network on my cable system.  I was a little young to watch of the show when it first aired, but caught a couple of the early episodes.  I was surprised at how stern the viewer discretion warning was at t he beginning of the show and posted about it, and actor Al Corley, earlier this year. (HERE:)

I have not been watching regularly, but have caught a few episodes, mostly to finally see actor Billy Campbell, (who I also recently posted about HERE:) who briefly played Luke on the series.  Billy was certainly hot on the show, he has such a beautifully shaped face, and enjoyed seeing his scenes with the new Steven played by actor Jack Coleman.

Campbell & Coleman

It was interesting seeing how their gay love story played out, especially at the same time Rock Hudson was doing his short stint on the show.   Sadly, Campbell's character was killed off in the infamous Moldavia massacre, ending his relationship with Steven.

It was interesting to see how the show decided to go back and forth with Steven's sexuality, having him gay at some points and bisexual at others.  Although it was a bit of a mess really, it also must have been pushing boundaries, especially in the mid to late eighties.  

Coleman, Troy Beyer & Campbell

Although I can't really say I like the show, it is interesting to look back on how Steven was portrayed.  There weren't many gay characters on television at the time, and Dynasty was a pretty high rated show at the time.  It was also interesting to look back at Jack Coleman in the role, an actor I really first got to know during his time on Heroes.  

Coleman had the quintessential look of a sexually confused hottie about to age out of his twink status and looks.  At times Coleman seemed uncomfortable with the role, at other times however, he did a great job with the characters confusion.  Regardless of the story and lame dialogue however, Coleman was beautiful to look at, and shirtless in almost every episode that I caught.  Check out some of my favorite moments with Coleman in the role on the NEXT PAGE HERE:  They include one of the cheesiest, over the top, yet incredibly hot, gay fight scene I 've ever seen on television.

Speedo Season

I have yet to check out Netflix's Glamorous, but I intend to.  Not because of Kim Cattrall, or because it looks like campy fun, but because of actor Zane Phillips.  I've been following Phillips on social media for a few years, after first seeing his modeling shots and promotional stills from his time on The CW's drama Legacies

When Glamorous was being promoted this past June, Kim was front and center, but so were images of Phillips in his blue speedo.  Even though Netflix shows us many bare butts, and more than a few prosthetic penises,  it's still rare to see an actor in a speedo in a television show or movie.  

Zane by Robert Riese

Not sure why there aren't more speedo sightings on television, maybe actors are speedo shy and would rather show their bare behind than a bulging front. As a model, Phillips is used to wearing little to nothing for shoots, he also seems to enjoy sliding on a speedo when he's not working as well. Now, not everyone can pull off wearing a speedo, but as you can clearly see, Phillips certainly does the nylon and Lycra-spandex justice.

Zane Phillips on Instagram


How He Wants to be Seen: Dillon Stone by TonyXavierPhotos

'At one point while I was fucking, I looked down and he let out the biggest yawn. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.'

The last time I featured the work of LA based photographer Tony Xavier, the spotlight was on his work with model and adult film star Nick Floyd. (HERE:)  For this piece, Tony sent on his work with another adult film actor, this time, the ultra hot Dillon Stone.  Dillon's body reads like a blueprint for beefcake, with his muscular physique and sculped jaw and handsome face.

Dillon maybe a little older than Nick, but those years have added a depth of sensuality he beautifully exudes in front of Tony's lens.  I love the retro LA feel Tony brings to so many of his shoots, a visual he achieves through his technique, lighting and color.  There's both a retro vibe, and a timeless feel to Tony's work. It's as if the images could have been shot last week, or been taken several decades in the past.

In addition to modeling and appearing in adult films, Dillon works as a coach, trainer and massage therapist.  Tony actually first connected with Dillon after contacting him about getting a massage.  They hit it off right away and quickly began talking.  After Dillon discussed his past singing career and his new porn ventures, Tony asked if wanted to shoot. Tony loved Dillons energy, not to mention he was both very sweet, and incredibly down to earth.

Dillon had previously seen some of Tony's pics, and was really drawn to the white stairwell location.  They got together to shoot just a few weeks after.   The splashes of color were thanks to Tony who supplied most of the clothes for the shoot.  He picked up the blue jockstrap to show off Dillon's body and skin against the white marble.  Tony also picked up some bright colored pieces for the outdoor shots for something both bright, and to go with the retro LA style he was going for.  Tony also incorporated Dillon's passion for training, fitness and body wellness into themes captured. 

I shot Dillon a few, well more than a few... questions actually...   Dillon graciously, and very quickly, got back to me with some great answers about his work with Tony, how he began modeling, and his experiences in adult film work with Carnal. 

You're a massage therapist by trade, what made you want to give modeling a try? 
I’ve always been on stage as a singer/songwriter from a young age, starting in the church. Modeling for promotional photos turned into a short stint as a model in Denver. Since then I’ve just always had it in mind to do photos 

When was your first shoot, was it a nude shoot? 
My first shoot in my twenties was not a nude shoot, just some open jacket stuff for my company. 

How nervous were you before your first time modeling fully nude? 
By the time I started modeling nude, I had already begun doing porn shoots, so it all came together at the same time. 

Were you comfortable being nude in public prior to the shoot, nude beaches etc.? 
Growing up I was VERY self conscious about being naked in front of anyone, even at home with my brothers. I avoided church camps and school locker rooms because I felt so uncomfortable with the idea. But the idea of showering and locker rooms was also an erotic fantasy for me, so it was very confusing and frustrating until I was in my late 20s. 

What do you like best about modeling? 
I like capturing different moods and angles, finding something interesting that is just artistic to look at. 

Did you and Tony discuss any goals for the shoot, or did you just go for it? 
I let Tony take the lead. He had several ideas of where he wanted the shoot to go. So we did all of those. 

What was your favorite part about working with Tony? 
I like to try and perform/pose as I’m directed, so I liked that Tony had a clear idea of what he wanted to capture and I wanted to execute that as best I could. That was fun! I was really proud of a lot of the shots that we got working with Tony. I’m glad I’ll have those and they’ve also been a big help for me in promoting myself on social media! 

If you could set up a dream scenario for a modeling shoot, what would it be? 
I’ve never done an erotic scene of photos. So I think doing a scene like that with someone I felt very connected with and attracted to would be very enjoyable. And eventually maybe even a group setting of nudes. 

Has modeling changed anything about how you view yourself? 
Modeling has definitely helped me to see myself more clearly because I’ve been able to see myself as other people see me … in both positive and negative aspects. And it’s also helped me learn how to highlight the things about myself that I realize look good to others in person or on camera. So it’s made me more successful in that regard… how I present myself, understanding how I want to be seen and perceived. 

What motivated you to give adult films a try? 
I’ve always wanted to do adult films. When I first contacted Carnal Media it was on a whim, but when we actually interviewed and they invited me out I really had to figure out why I wanted it. Honestly, I love performing on stage, on camera, becoming a character … and I also really love sex. So in the end it was an obvious way to bring two things I really enjoy together (and satisfy my need for attention. LOL) 

Were you a fan before, any favorites you enjoyed watching? 
I was a fan. Yes. I remember I watched Killian Knox and Cain Marko work with Carnal. And of course Legrand Wolf. 

Was there anyone, (family, friends, work) you felt you had to talk to before you started? 
No. By the time I started I was completely self-sufficient. Some people know, but some of my family doesn’t need to know. I did have to speak with my boyfriend. Although he is very progressive, it was a little bit difficult for him to understand why I wanted to do porn. 

What most surprised you about working in the industry you didn't expect? 
I think I was surprised at how professionally the entire production works from beginning to end. And also, I have become great friends with a lot of the other actors, directors and staff. I realized everyone in this business is just a normal person doing their thing and we’re all working together in this because we enjoy it. 

Do you have a favorite clip or film you shot? 
I have great memories from a lot of the scenes, but I think some of my favorite scenes are the GayCest scenes I did with Logan Cross. We have a great connection on camera. 

Have you lost your composure or started laughing during a scene? 
One time with Logan Cross, we had been filming all day, for a third day. We were both tired and we had done all the positions by then. At one point while I was fucking, I looked down and he let out the biggest yawn. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. None of the directors realized what I was laughing about. So I just got myself together and kept going. 

What has the response from fans been like, have you gotten much feedback? 
I have gotten a lot of surface feedback on social media. But some of the specific feedback has been about how I connect with whoever I’m doing a scene with. And I’m glad people see that. It’s what I try to do the most is create a connection with somebody in that scene that comes through. So I like that a lot of people have noticed that. I’ve heard that’s why they follow me. So that’s good.

Dillon Stone on Twitter / Instagram