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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 14th

Dex by Studio1x
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Pruriently πŸ’‹


If it can't be filled with prurient behavior, than I hope at least, plenty of prurient thoughts!

TR Pics: Poked πŸ’˜


'Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps...'

When most of us think of Cupid, we think of an adorable little baby shooting little darts, 🏹 poking unsuspecting sets of lovers with his passion infused arrow. It's all really sweet and innocent, but it's not really how Cupid, or the practice of poking began.

The original Cupid was more of a heartthrob than a cherub.  Going way back to 700 BC, the roman God Cupid.  Cupid's mother was Venus, the Goddess of Love.  Cupid however, is also connected to Greek Mythology, and a counterpart to Eros, the son of Aphrodite, the Goddess love.  The name Eros is the origin for Erotic, and Cupid did more than just cause love, and romantic connections.  History tells us, he mission was far more connected to sex and desire than love.


Cupid had a wild side, not to mention a mind for mischief.  He enjoying toying with those he poked with his arrows, causing mayhem, and playing with the hearts and emotions of both Gods and mortals alike.  Cupid wasn't really considered cute, but more handsome, sexy and threatening.  Although we joke about getting poked by Cupid's arrow, we all know that power can corrupt, and Cupid's power was something many people feared.  We all want to fall in love, but most of us don't give the power to choose who we love to another, especially a spoiled rich kid of a Goddess. 

This year, Tom from TR Pics, choose two models to depict the two sides of the Roman God of love, desire, sex and attraction.  Both embody traits of arrow slinging God, and most I'm sure, would welcome a little poke from either or both.  FH readers know Jessie well, from his very popular previous appearances on the site. Viewers were also recently introduced to Phanny, whose work with Tom I recently featured to celebrate Lunar New Year.  Chose your cherub, strike a pose, then prepare to be poked!  You can also check out more of Tom's work, and more Valentine themed posts on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Plunged: πŸ’ž

'Tomorrow your farts will smell like chocolate!'

I'm not sure if they still do it, but if you attended grade school in the 80's like did, you all remember this Valentine's tradition.  You remember, you decorated a brown lunch bag with hearts and sayings, and then taped it to the corner of your desk in homeroom.   Then, on February 14th, you dropped Valentine's cards in each of your classmates bag.

We had to give Valentine's to everyone in the class, not just our friends or favorite classmates.  We gave to everyone, boys, girls, friends we liked, and even the class assholes and bullies. What we could control however, was which Valentine we gave each person.  Most of us gave out pre-made boxed videos bought at the dollar or drug store.  A few keeners made their own, but usually they were from a box.

I was deep in the closet during grade school, so deep, I'm not sure I knew I was in it at the time.  I do however, remember spending more time than needed, deciding who got what Valentine card from the box.  Most of us gave the 'girlie' cards to the girls, and the 'boyish' cards to the boys.  You know the boyish cards, the ones with cowboys, policemen and cars.   

No matter how many cards were in that box, there were some that were generally a little bigger, and a little popular than others.  Those went to the people you really liked.  I remember giving this card to a cute boy in my class, a boy I knew was good looking, but didn't really know that well.  The card seemed rather 'boyish' with a superhero smashing a bad guy in the face. The caption, however, which said,  'you're such a knockout.' made have given me away.  Not to him necessarily, but maybe to the teacher or his mother.  Adults always seemed to know our secrets, even if we didn't.  It was always exciting to plunge your hand in your bag at the end of the day on the 14th.  Hoping you got a 'bigger' and special card from those you liked.


When I was in late twenties, I got my first job as supervisor.  Even though I supervised adults, I brought the tradition into the work place in February.  I thought it might be fun, and as the boss, added chocolate and candy to the bags everyone had on their desk.

Initially, the people I worked with thought it seemed silly and fun, but on the day, it was actually pretty stressful.  Our, (my) rule was that the cards had to be homemade, and it was interesting to see how much time and effort some put into their cards.  It was also noted by everyone who gave who the biggest, and most elaborate cards.  The hand written messages were also interesting to read. Some, who didn't get along, tried sarcasm to mask their feeling towards another, other let previously unknown feelings out for the first time.  In the end, we only did it that one time, but people did seem to enjoy their chocolate. 

This Valentine's Day, I was lucky to have been sent some homemade Valentine's Day cards from two of my favorite contributors.  Cole, (above) who we last saw on FH over Halloween, (HERE:) stripped down to the tightest of red thongs to create images to help celebrate the holiday.  

I love Cole's look and energy in front of the camera.  I was actually first introduced to Cole through his work with Roger from RMark Photography who also create two Valentine visuals, this year featuring Mike and Christian. (below)      You can check out more of RMark, and his work with Cole by clicking HERE:



Studio1x : Pricked 🌹

'He that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.'
 Anne Brontë🌹

After Cupid, red hearts and chocolates, roses are one the most universally well known symbols of Valentine's Day.  Both their scent, as well as their delicate pedals, make them a popular gift to both give, and to receive.  They can given as a romantic gesture, or given to a mom, an aunt, or to that special someone. 

Like the Valentine Cupid, the origin of giving red roses on the holiday is rooted in Greek mythology. One story tells us that the first red rose was created when the Greek Goddess Aphrodite was scratched by a white rose's thorn.  Her blood, caused the white rose to run red.  Another story says that the first red rose grew on the ground where Adonis, Aphrodite's lover, died.  They say it was the Goddess's tears that fell, created and then nourished the first rose.

Regardless of the history, every February, billions of roses are grown and sold. American's spend millions every Valentines at flower, grocery and box stores to ensure that special someone knows they are thought of and loved.  Of course not everyone gives roses because of love.  Some do it out of obligation, habit and guilt.  Flowers aren't just given to express love, they are also often purchased to right a wrong. 

Roses are the perfect visual for passion and romance, but they also prove the adage that you can't experience pleasure, without also experiencing pain.  Anyone whose been in love knows how painful love can be.  I'll never forget the pain of losing my first love, an emotional gut punch which left permanent bruises.  Just as you can't have roses without a few thorns, you can't truly have pleasure without a dose of pain.

I'm sure many of you recognize Dex, the beauty holding the rose and showing off his long stem.  Some of you may remember Dex from piece this past December, (HERE:) featuring his work with Jim from Studio1x.  That wasn't Dex's first appearance on FH however, Jim also shot Jim for a mother's day spread I featured in 2021. (HERE:)

When I was putting together the piece in December, I tucked away this series of shots to post on Valentine's Day.  Jim again demonstrates his expertise with studio shoots, using just Dex, a rose and his skill and experience to create a stunning series of images.