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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 11th

Erik B by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today November 11th

Happy 62nd to actor Stanley Tucci!

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Remind & Reflect

'In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.' 
Jose Narosky

Although the male form is of course the focus of FH, I do sometimes wonder if it's disrespectful to post nude images of veterans and servicemen.  In the end though, November 11th is about remembering.  Veteran's Day in the US, Remembrance Day in countries including: Canada, Australia and the UK. 

With all the horror and death that war entails, these naked moments appear to be brief moments of lightness, fun and friendship.  One can never really feel totally safe when at war, but these moments of vulnerability capture a brief hiatus in-between the reality of what they face the rest of the time.

Thinking of all those who served, all those who suffered and all those who lost their lives.  Special thoughts to any veterans who might check out the site.  I hope that all you fought for, and all you sacrificed, are never forgotten, and never taken for granted. 

Ball Drop

Although it's a little early for hanging Christmas balls, it's not too early to take a peak at another set of low hangers.  Today, whenever an actor has a nude scene, especially a frontal, it's usually carefully planned and filmed.  There are now intimacy coordinators, body doubles, prosthetics and contract negotiations about how much, and how many inches, can be shown. 

Bruce Willis

Although there are good reasons for being careful, it wasn't always that way.  There was a time little slips happened, and covered balls had a mind of their own, deciding when they wanted a little fresh air. In 1994's The Color of Night, Bruce Willis got a lot of attention for his underwater frontal, showing the end and tip of his penis.

There was another scene however, one where his balls decided they too wanted a little attention.  Given Willis had a frontal in the film, it make sense that this scene was also intentionally filmed.  That may be true, but I believe the scene only appeared on VHS and early versions of the film.  Buy or download the film today, and Bruce's balls have disappeared.  The towel scene is edited to deprive the audience from seeing scrotum. 

Robin Williams

I never saw or heard of 1983's The Survivors.  With all his huge box office hits, this Robin Williams film doesn't get a lot of attention.  When I was researching movies for this piece however, I discovered Williams flashed his gonads in a hospital scene. 

Now the question is why wasn't Williams wearing underwear?   Well, there was a scene just before this where his character moons the television set, but nothing is really shown.  I'm guessing they were possibly going to film a butt scene, but ended up leaving it on the cutting room floor.  Williams also never seemed that shy about his body, and it seems actors didn't seem as concerned about an accidental flash as many seem to be today.

Ed Harris

One of the most famous flashes of family jewels was actor Ed Harris in 1984's Swing Shift.  It's quick, but has been reported to be totally unintentional.  It's hard to believe a penis and balls could just slip into a movie, but stranger things have happened.  If you check out IMDB, they list thousands of mistakes and flubs in films, including many from recent movies.  I still catch hanging microphones from time to time in movies, so hanging balls aren't that much of a stretch... 

Out of the Blue: Erik B by Bodytorium

'I had doubts about whether it would ever happen....'

Photographer Phil Diab, (Bodyotrium) may have had his doubts, but as you can see from this series of images, it all worked out in the end.  Sometimes in life, relationship connections take time to solidify. We don't always connect with people right away, sometimes it's more about timing and finding just the right specific moment.

That's certainly how it was with Phil and Erik B.  They originally met over a year ago at an outdoor gym. They were with a group of mutual friends, but there wasn't really an opportunity for much one-on-one time.  

Phil usually likes to get to know a perspective model a little before just throwing out that he'd like to shoot them naked.  Phil remembers Erik coming off like a bit of a bad boy, and he seemed not to really trust people and kept mostly to himself.

Over the next several months they continued to see each other from time to time.  They ran into each other at friends birthday parties, and other get-togethers, and events organized by the street workout community.  Over time however, Phil noticed he was seeing Erik less and less and before too long, they lost tough.

'Out of the blue, one of my friends who dabbles in gymnastics said “I’ve got a model for you!”. I asked, “Is his name Erik?” And this lead to Erik and I reconnecting again and eventually (although I had doubts about whether it would ever happen) doing a photoshoot.'

19 year old Erik maintains that incredible body of his through his training in competitive gymnastics.  In what little spare time he does have between training, practices, not to mention his studies, Erik also mentors and couches other upcoming gymnasts.  

It has been far too long since I've featured  Phil's work and on one of my recent visits to his site Bodytorium, I noticed several new models that I knew I had to bug him about.  Erik was definitely near the top of that list.  If you check out Erik's galleries on Bodytorium you'll find literally hundreds of images of Phil and Erik's shoot in the woodlands.  In addition to playing between the tree's and doing naked backflips, you'll see much more of Erik and his work with Phil.