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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 23rd

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Happy Birthday today November 23rd

Happy 55th Maxwell Caulfield!
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The Gift:

That keeps on giving!


Back in September when the new falls began their season premiere's. I predicted that The Flash was going to be one of the seasons hunkiest hours of television. Led by the shows lead, Grant Gustin the show has certainly lived up the title with a cast loaded with some of the hottest men from TV, including guest appearances by Arrow's Stephen Amell.

The past two episodes have really pulled out all the stops with addition of actor Greg Finley as Tony/Girder. I was not familiar with Greg's work, but he certainly made an impression and more than held his own battling Gustin's flash. Greg calls Grant the shows leader and was one of the nicest actors he has worked with. Girder has only been slotted for 2 episodes thus far, but I am thinking with the impact Greg made with the character, they will be bringing him back in a flash.

'Yes! And when we were shooting it, you kind of knew it was going to be pretty cool. We worked hard on the episode. The stunts and those action scenes, we worked really late nights. Sometimes you just know when it's going to be pretty badass and I can assure you this episode is going to be very badass, for sure'

Making History: Shea by Carl Proctor

'I love modeling, I enjoy all the hard work and creativeness that goes into it. It's so easy for someone who doesn't know any better to look at an image and think it's simple. Even this early in my career I've already realized there is so much more to it.'

Although still relatively early into is modeling career, you and already feel the buzz surrounding Shea. I was first introduced to the Ohio model a few months ago after photographer ClearEye LLC asked me to take a look at his work with a new model he was excited about discovering. I had already taken notice of Shea and his work with ClearEye LLC with their wins in the Model Mayhem POTD contest and was eager to see more of his work!

At 6' 5", Shea has a strong and commanding presence in front of the lens. Incredible body, clearly the product of discipline and hard work, especially his chest, stomach and shoulders. Shea also has the ability to use his face to convey a wide variety of expressions. With that twinkle in his eye, and that winning grin he can melt your heart... but watch out, Shea can quickly change it up, planting a stare that goes straight to your core! I think one of my favorite looks for Shea are the first few images where he is wearing glasses. There is just something incredibly sexy about someone strong and confident wearing glasses.

ClearEye has promised FH a peak at his work as well, but not until January, his images are currently set for the winter issue of tMf! In the meantime though, I think these shots from one of my favorite photographers Carl Proctor should tie the many fans of Shea over! Photographers may have a reputation as being competitive, but my experience is they are also incredibly supportive of one another. It was in fact ClearEye who referred Shea to Carl in an effort to provide more exposure for newly and flourishing career.

'Shea's very comfortable with his body and loves to show it off. He's in demand with a number of other photographers as well. He's also working to take advantage of some movie acting opportunities that an international agency has pegged him for. Here's to a blossoming modeling career for Shea!'

'Working with Carl Proctor was awesome! He creates beautiful images and is definitely one of the best photographers I've worked with yet. I would work with him again any time!'

Working with Carl may have been a highlight for Shea, but it wasn't without danger and a few risks. Carl usually shoots his models in dozens of different outfits, themes and locations. In studio, in basements, on furniture and outside in various poses. When Shea was shooting with Carl in Atlanta, he was bit by a brown recluse spider. 'Ouch! My hand was swollen for weeks.'

Shea on Getting Started:

I've been told for several years that I should try modeling. I actually started a little less than a year ago shortly after I got married. My wife has been the main influence in my modeling career. Each and every shoot is an exciting experience for me. I love collaborating with the photographer, creating an image and feel, and seeing the final product.

Shea on What part of his body he is most happy with?

I think I have nice, broad shoulders, and good traps. There's always room for improvement though! I love hitting the gym, health and fitness are a big part of my life. I'm always trying to 'fine tune' my body.

Shea on his ModelMayhem Experience:

ModelMayhem seems to be hit or miss. I've met some really awesome photographers on there that have helped take my portfolio to the next level. But I've also have found that there's a lot of scam artists and people out to waste your time as well. I think for the most part its been a positive experience for me. My wife has got a few notably strange requests. Usually the weirdest ones involves a client with a strange fetish.

Shea on Taking It All Off:

I wasn't sure if doing nudes would negatively impact the longevity or potential of my modeling career. I just wanted to make sure I was doing tasteful poses and creating art other than doing something raunchy. I try not to let opinions of my family or friends affect my career. Everyone is a critic and it seems the people closest to you are always the first to judge you. Therefore I do not include them in my career decisions. Love them! But a closed mind won't get me far in this industry.