Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Seasonal Sightings

A Winter's Watch

Michal by Bodytorium

'After photographing a bunch of 18-year-olds one after another, I thought it would be time to show a buff man in his mid-twenties.'

And buff he is! 25 year fitness trainer Michal reminds me a bit of a younger version of Games Of Thrones' Tormund Giantsbane, a character I always found wildly sexy.   The Easter Slovakia based model maintains his buff physique by spending his days at the gym, either coaching his clients or working his own body to the limits.  During his off time in the spring and summer, Michal also competes in the various street workout and parkour events across Slovakia including a GOT named competition titled King of the North.

Phil met up with Michal a few days before their shoot, as a way to connect, and of course check out what he really looked. Phil's surprise, Michael looked even hotter when they met face to face. The meeting was also a chance for Michal to meet Phil, sum him up, and decide if he wanted to proceed with a nude shoot. Later that night, just a few hours after their meeting, Michal wrote to Phil to say 'I'm in.'

'Michal was referred for the photoshoot by his friend Samuel S. While Michal often looks serious—like he means business—he’s also very friendly and it doesn’t take long to make him laugh or to get him to smile. We're planning a second photo shoot (at a different location) in mid-December.'

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12 Days: Christopher Russell in Mr. 365

'When workaholic reality TV producer Sophie starts working on a holiday-season show about Will, a wildly sexy guy who celebrates Christmas every day of the year, she finds herself falling for her mysterious, unlikely new star, renewing her long-lost faith in Xmas in the process.'

It's that time of year again, time for 12 Days, featuring some of my favorite holiday hunks.  FH readers know I love finding hot actors from Christmas movies and unwrapping their packages.  Often, I don't actually sit and watch the entire movie but I like Christmas movies on in the background when I'm working.  I find them comforting around the holidays, like a soft music or a favorite scent.

This year, I have to begin the question, Why didn't you tell me????  I get regular e-mails from FH readers informing me about a favorite hunk, or with a request to feature a certain model or actor.  I am not sure why I hadn't heard of the pectacular Christopher Russell until this year, but I'm certainly glad I've been introduced.

I caught Russell in movie that I think actually first aired last year under the title Mr. 365. I saw it under the title Forever Christmas.  Unlike the movies I usually 'half watch', this flick, and Mr. Russell, had my full attention.  The film was ok, but Russell is an incredibly engaging actor, and the movie wisely included two gratuitous shirtless scenes.  Hallmark doesn't show much skin, but Mr. 365 actually aired on PassionFlix, a network I hadn't previously heard of.  Even if they hadn't removed his Christmas t-shirts, Russell's great face had me at hello and the shirtless scenes were just a bonus.

In researching Russell I realized that I had seen him before, briefly this summer as a pig farmer hitting on Kelly in the 90210 reboot.  Russell's actually has an impressive resume, including co-starring on UnReal, a show I keep meaning to check out.  One credit I'd like to check out is Gorgeous Morons, co-starring actor Dylan Playfair.  Gorgeous Morons seems to have aired as a TV Movie, but was originally filmed as a pilot for a series.  Love the title, love the cast, hope I can find it out there somewhere.

Gorgeous Morons (2016)

BH90210 (2019)

Lost Girl (2015)

UnREAL (2018)

Van Helsing (2016-2018)

Mr. 365 (2018)

'How about we get rid of the shirt?'

The Big Muskie: Greg by Robert Colgan

'Greg would be a perfect match to the enormity and mass of the Muskie.'

Location, location, location....   When I first began FH, and started choosing images and artists to feature, my focus was somewhat limited. I tended to have tunnel vision, and didn't appreciate the importance of both location and history.  Some of my favorite photographers magnificently capture the male form in extraordinary locations that only a creative artist could imagine utilizing.

So many of these locations are not only desolate and abandoned, most are considered eye sours and on the brink of being demolished. Once vital parts of a system or community, these locations are now usually in ruins, isolated, idle, just a long forgotten piece from the past.

As an artist, Robert Colgan see's beauty in places most of us ignore.  Abandoned houses, an old bank, water plant, prison, factories and train cars are just some of the vacated and neglected locations that Robert has brought back to live through his imagery.  I've written before about the visual power that a young, vital naked body can bring to an lifeless area.  It's almost as if the mode's energy and life force pass through their surrounding, giving it sparks of life, if only for a few fleeting moments.

I'm not there's every been a location, or structure as amazingly unique, not to mention daunting, as the Big Muskie.  The story began in the summer of 1997 with a portrait request from a young man who wanted to reclaim his memories of his childhood home. His home had been razed by a local coal company and the land surrounding the house had been stripped.

When Robert and his subject arrived to shoot, Robert saw nothing but a barren landscape of only dirt and grass. Off in the distance however, Robert saw the top of huge strip mine shove.  The young man told Robert that it was called The Big Muskie and was one the largest strip mine shovels in existence. The Big Muskie itself was threatened with demolition as it was no longer functioning and had been sitting there idle for several years.

'It took me until Spring of 1998 to discover a route to the shovel then find an appropriate model. At the time, Greg was a trainer at my gym. He always prided himself on a drug-free physique and, oh what a physique he had!! Greg would be a perfect match to the enormity and mass of the Muskie. Of course no one in our city really knew of this machine so Greg was anxious to take part in my adventure.'

'Greg is a very sweet guy, a big kid in such a big body. We had to stop of the drive out so he could get the latest toy available in the McDonald's Fun meal! When we arrived near the beast, we had to park on a gravel access road then begin walking. The Muskie tempted us like a mirage. Every time you crested a rise in the road you thought the machine would be visible but it still begged for more. When we finally crested reached it, we were awestruck. It was a massive 20 stories tall at the top of the boom and the body was the size of a building. Strangely there were buzzards circling the top of the crane as if it were some huge dead dinosaur.'

'Greg admirably climbed onto various sections and posed beautifully for my shots. His boyfriend at the time also came along as a bit of a wary protector. Gradually even he wanted to hop on the machine. We must have spent about 2 hours or so working around the incredible machine. Exhausted we decided to leave.'

'The Muskie actually sat in a slight depression of earth, the ground around it gave signs of its previous life. The entire time we were near the monster we kept hearing noises and rumbles. We knew that there was still activity around us. As we were walking up from the Muskies pit, Greg's boyfriend shouted "Run!" I looked up to see a mine security vehicle approaching. Having experienced near misses like this before I squelched his comment and suggested we walk calmly toward him. The security guard was very pleasant. After telling him that we were interested in old machines like the Muskie and were there to photograph it before it was demolished, he gave us a rather detailed history of the beast, then offered us a ride in his pickup back to our car. We never did learn whether the guard had actually seen any of our activity but he was very helpful to three hot explorers on this June day.'

'The Big Muskie was eventually dismantled the next year. The massive bucket which could hold two Greyhound buses was put on display in Bristol, Ohio. And part of the land the Muskie destroyed became an outdoor animal park run by the Columbus Zoo called the Wilds. I always claim the I am one step ahead of the wrecking ball when it comes to my photography. In this case, it was perfect timing!'