Thursday, November 1, 2007

Favorite Thing about Tonights Grey's Anatomy: Steve Sandvoss

Seeing Steve Sandvoss tonight in a small role on Grey's Anatomy gave me an excuse to find my Steve pics. Been meaning to add him soon anyway. You have seen them all before I know, but they are always worth another look.

Steve Sandvoss in Latter Days

Such a great flick!

Favorite Thing About Grey's Anatomy Tonight #2 Brooke Smith

Besides Steve Sandvoss and the fact Izzy was too tired...Brooke Smith, so great in Silence of the Lambs is great as the new full time addition to the show. She had lots to do tonight and was fun to watch! Great idea to promote her to full time!

Brooke Smith with Sandra Oh.

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Christian Vieri

Hunky Italian Footballer Christian 'Bobo' Vieri

More Christian 'Bobo' Vieri

Favorite Pic of the Day: November 1st

Favorite Male Model for Nov 1st: Sam Saffman

More Sam Staffman

Favorite Classic TV Star for Nov 1st ERICA GIMPEL from FAME

Erica Gimpel took over for Irene Cara as Coco when Fame moved from the big screen to TV. Erica was one of the most talented actors on the show. She led most of the shows best music numbers. Erica went on to appear in The North and South mini serie's as well as Profiler. (Last two pics are from that era.) Erica deserved to be a huge star and hopefully will still find a role to push her past the role of Coco.

Erica Gimpel in FAME

Erica with Debbie Allen and Gene Anthony Ray

Erica singing in Fame. It always amazed me that Erica was not a huge star like Janet Jackson who also spent a couple of years on Fame. Erica certainly sang and danced the pants of Janet on the show.