Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 4th

John by LightWeaver
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R.I.P Wyatt Knight

I will never forget seeing Porky's on VHS when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I was spending the night at my friend Andrew's and I was thrilled as his family had a VCR something my parents had refused at that point to buy. We had to keep turning the movie off when his father would come down to the rec-room. Andrew loved the shower scene as neither of us had seen so much nudity in a film, I loved the shower scene too mostly because I was crushing over Wyatt Knight and Tommy Turner's...hmmm, situation with Ms. Miss Ballbreaker was both hilarious and arousing!

R.I.P Wyatt, hopefully the pain is gone.

Kelly Clarkson's Stronger

I have been pretty much listening to Kelly Clarkson's Stronger since picking it up last week. The first single, and song on the cd, Mr. Know It All was the perfect choice for Clarkson to promote the CD. Although there are a few songs I am skipping over, with a song list of 18 that still leaves plenty to love. My favorite song keeps changing but for the last couple of days Breaking Your Own Heart is winning hitting a cord with me each time I listen, 'Don't Be A Girl About It' is growing on me fast! Unlike most of her contemporaries, Spears, Aguilera and Lady Gaga to name just a few, Clarkson relies solely on the one thing that should be most important in the music business, talent.

Walk Like A Man: Jonathan Groff in Twelve Thirty

Thanks to the original poster, these caps of actor Jonathan Groff have made it on more than a few sites and blogs today (Thank You!). Jonathan is no stranger to nudity, having ripped off his clothes nightly from 2006 to 2009 on Broadway in Spring Awakenings.

Jonathan is one of my favorite actors and who is due to return to Glee this season, bared it all in for Twelve Thirty, due for DVD release next week. In Glee's first season Groff's Jesse St James was one of the characters I most enjoyed watching and his Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best production number of the season, maybe even the show thus far. Please producers write him something decent (unlike his return last season) and a song worthy of his talent!

Into The Woods: John: By LightWeaver

John by Jay Rickard (LightWeaver)

It's funny how with the darkness coming on earlier in the evening, the temperatures now almost nightly dipping below the freezing mark, I seem to be searching (intentionally our subconsciously), shoots and images set outside with the sun, the trees, the green. It began earlier in the week with MvR Photo's Autumn and I go back into the woods today with Jay Rickard's work with John.

LightWeaver's Jay Rickard is someone whose work I love to feature as often as I can. His images speak to the caring touch he puts into his work and always provides me small details about his work, the shoot I am featuring which help make the images that more special.

John and I had been talking about getting together to shoot for awhile. He lived in Columbus, OH. and I was here in Indy so we were just having some trouble getting it together. Then in the spring of 2008 I had an opportunity to be in Columbus for a few weeks so we met for coffee one evening to discuss shooting. Of course I had no studio availability and shooting outdoors would be the easier option.

Fortunately I had lived in Columbus for a couple years prior to this and knew of some beautiful locations. My favorite was the Old Man's Cavern area about an hour and a half south of the city. Waterfalls, beautiful trails and a plethora of little nooks and crannies were going to make for a great shoot so we decided on a day and agreed that we'd start really early to get the best light.

When the day came I blew off my obligations for the day that brought me to Columbus, went and picked John up at his apartment and we were off, but not before snagging a boatload of coffee.

Arriving at the park that early it was impossible to ignore what a gorgeous day we'd been blessed with. The light was low and perfect. We just started hiking and stopped to shoot whenever a prime location presented itself.

Working with John that day was a photographers dream. He was up for anything, no demands on what to shoot and not to shoot. He's a very down to earth guy with an artistic background provided by his father who was and is an artist in his own right. So he took every pose I threw at him and made it perfection. I could have kept shooting for days but there was life to get back to so we eventually had to pack up and get back to the city.

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The result of the day of hiking in Hocking Hills was so many incredible shots that Jay turned into a book. You can preview/purchse 'John' at blurb HERE: