Saturday, January 2, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

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Snow Angel

The Perfect Posterior

With my reverence for the rear, choosing favorites for this particular model was next to impossible. Given that many say, he has the 'perfect posterior',  the task,  although challenging, was not without rewards.  Check out my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Bench Warmer: Joey by macpics

'I guess you could say I like being “one with nature”

When I was a kid, January was always a bit of a let down.  The holidays were over, it was usually freezing outside, and there wasn't a whole lot to look forward to.  We didn't have a lot of money, and didn't really take any trips, but that changed when I was about 10.  My grandfather died, leaving my father a bit of money.  Not a lot, but enough to pay off our mortgage, leaving my parents with a bit more to come and go on.

This money however, didn't really directly pass on to my siblings and I.  My parents bought a time share in Florida, and for many years, headed down there the first week of January for as long as two months.  They didn't however, take us with them, we were left at home with one of our aunts moving in while they were gone.  I didn't make it their Florida rental until years later, when I was able to purchase the plane ticket myself.

Those January jaunts however, stuck with me and when I got older, I followed the tradition.  When I began working full time, I usually chose to work through Christmas week, and take my vacation time in  January.  It was nice to have something to look forward to when the holidays were over.also  Christmas is a busy time, whether you're working or not, but in January things really quieted down, giving me a real break.  Given it's January, I'm going to take a short break from blogging for a few days.  Seemed a perfect time then, to take everyone on a virtual vacation down under with Aussie Joey and his recent shoot with Ian from macpics

Some of you may remember Joey from my previous piece last spring featuring his first shoot with Ian. (Quietly Cocky)  The shots in the first piece were all taken inside, so this time, model and photographer headed out a local nature reserve.  Ian hadn't been there before, but saw a selfie that Joey had posted from the location.  When they were planning their next shoot, Joey suggested the spot.  After a long harsh lockdown in Melbourne, Joey thought an outdoor shoot would be both a fun adventure, and the safest place to shoot.  

'Working with Ian is always good fun. The location I chose was close to where I live. I had been speaking with other life models who gave me the idea to go out and explore my surroundings. It’s summertime now here in Australia so it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. '

Ian loved the location, both because of the many scenic spots to shoot, but also because there weren't many people around.  One of my favorite spots, included this bench that Joey so beautifully rode in this series of shots. Often, when shooting outside, Ian has to toss his models their clothes when people pass by.  At the nature reserve, Joey only had to grab for his bather once, so they were able to get plenty of nude shots.  They did however, have a group of pretty annoying and persistent visitors....

'Although a nature reserve, the only creatures we encountered were mosquitoes, lots of them! Not in the open areas, but when we went into the trees, squadrons of them fell upon us and had a grand old time. Only my arms got bitten, but you can imagine what happened to Joey! lol! Fortunately no awkward bits got bitten. Phew!' 

You can check out more of Joey on his Model Mayhem page HERE: and on his Instagram HERE:  Due to the restrictions on Instagram, Joey saves some of the more naughty and creative content for his JustforFans page HERE:  There are a few steamier shots from this shoot with macpics on there as well!

Blast From The Past: Hunt Block

Sometimes you need your memory jogged.  I had completely forgotten about the hotness of actor Hunt Block until recently listening to a chat podcast.  The hosts were discussing the best soap opera re-casts when Hunt's name came up.  I never watched any of the daytime shows Hunt was on, but I remembering thinking how hot he was when seeing him in promotional shots during his time on Knots Landing

I haven't really seen much of Knots Landing other than the first couple of seasons as those are all that have been released on DVD.  I have seen a few clips of Hunt from the show on-line and on Youtube, but tried unsuccessfully to find more after deciding to feature Hunt in this piece.  Hunting for Hunt proved a challenge as he's for the most part now retired from acting.  He also seems to have wisely not joined the social media world, unless he's using another name, which would be smart if he's trying not to be detected. 

Hunt looks especially hot discussing Knots Landing and being labeled a 'hunk' on an old episode of the Attitudes talk show with Linda Dano and Mary Frann.

Most of what I did find image wise, came from French and UK based sites for Knots Landing.  I remember being struck by his strong handsome face and his beautiful eyes and structure facial structure and jaw.  If timing had not been an issue, Block would have been a perfect Clark Kent had they been making a Superman series when he was younger.  

After his time on Prime-Time in the eighties and nineties, Block moved to daytime, working on All My Children, Guiding Light and As The World Turns from 1997-2010.   His last role was in the film Only I... in 2016 co-starring alongside Dillon Casey and Brendan Fehr.  I have to thank the hosts of that podcast for reminding me of Hunt, and I'm going to keep digging for more info and pics.  He looks like he had more than a few shirtless scenes on Knots that are just begging to be capped! 

The First  Olympics: (1984)

Block with Angela Lansbury 

Knots Landing

Guiding Light