Sunday, April 15, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 16th

Keith Ferrer by Peachtree Muscle Photos
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Happy Birthday today April 16th

Happy Birthday to Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland who turns 26 today!

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New on THE MALE FORM: Rick

TMF Favorite, Australian model RickF is back on THE MALE FORM in a new set from Dylan Rosser. Rick was on the cover of Dylan's book, 100, and also is also featured in his latest book, NAKED.

Forbidden Fruit: Pastor John Tudor

I haven't really watched much of GCB but the sight of Tyler Jacob Moore as Pastor John certainly leads to a rise in my spirituality. Although I would like nothing better than to frock Pastor John, thus far his clerical garb has remained tightly on. Thankfully Tyler also co-stars on Showtime's Shameless where defrocking is a weekly event.

Tyler Jacob Moore Official Site:

Tyler as Tony in Shameless

Overcast: Keith Ferrer by Peachtree Muscle Photos

O·ver·cast: Covered or obscured

With Peachtree Muscle as your professional name, there are certain expectations inherently present when one views the images produced. Firstly, muscle; models clearly must have a toned physique, a body formed from hours in the gym and a high degree of athleticism. With Peachtree, one would expect outdoor location images with a strong connection between the model and the environment in which they are being shot.

In this series with Keith Ferrer, as well as my two previous features (Built From Boredom: Justin Gardner & Blending of Tones: Ryan Sandefur) of his work, photographer Mike Saunders from Peachtree Muscle more than lives up to his professional pseudonym. 20 year old model Keith Ferrer has an incredible body and stays in shape by hitting the gym daily and playing basketball and football. Keith also has a black belt in karate and works hard to keep his body in top physical condition.

'I am always trying to find connections in my hometown of Macon and Keith lives nearby. He has a fantastic physique and is very personable-very easy to work with. Very handsome ethnic look, describes himself "Filigyptian" due to his Filipino-Egyptian heritage.'
Mike Saunders

'I always prefer to shoot on OVERCAST days when possible, even lighting, no shadows, no squinting, so we set up a shoot right in the middle of Macon's famous CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL. We both agreed it was a fun but tiring shoot. I love the DIVERSITY of the outdoor backgrounds we used, outside the city baseball stadium, railroad tracks, grounds of a sewage disposal plant, abandoned railroad coaling station-and other buildings in front of the city auditorium and city hall, antebellum homes, ponds, parks and fountains! We were in the public eye and on busy streets and Keith got many stares, honks and friendly shouts. I said to Keith, you wont believe how many people will sit down for supper tonight and say 'You wont believe what I saw today'.

'The shoot was great! Somewhat tiring but definitely worth it!! Every shot was outside. There was a nice overcast sky so it wasn't very sunny nor too cloudy.. Thankfully it didn't come down on us!! At first, allergies were killing my eyes to the point that they were watery every shot, even tried wearing sunglasses on a few of those lol. Thankfully my eyes were able to recover and we just rocked it out after that!'
Keith Ferrer

Although overcast means something, usually the sky, is partially covered by clouds or fog, it obviously also creates the perfect conditions for shooting beautifully clear figures and forms. Keith, even partially covered, is perfectly captured in Mike's images, showcasing the incredible results of the work he puts into his taking care of his body.

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