Friday, January 15, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 16th

Riley by Andrew Bowman
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Happy Birthday today January 16th

Happy 53rd to actor David Chokachi!

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Chokachi in Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2019)


Madison Cawthorn

When good pecs happen to bad politicians... 

Favorite Click of the Week: Ray Sawet

I saved an image of body builder Ray Sawet last fall.  I was immediately struck by Ray's look and beauty and the erotic intensity in the shot.  Given it's a new year, I'm currently purging most of what I saved in my 2020 folder, but didn't want to let the shot of Ray go by without posting.

The image ended up being from Issue #25 of Thailand's Fetish Magazine from last July.  These few images are actually the tamest from the shoot.  You can check out the Magazine's Twitter page, (HERE:)  or just search Ray on-line if you want to see more. 

Andrew Bowman: A Winter's Tail

'The snow has covered all your footsteps 
And I can follow you no more'

As sexualized beings, we have managed to find a way to connect erotic desires with pretty much everything, including each of the four seasons.  Long, humid summers are filled with hot,sweaty desire. Crisp fall nights and cool spring days are both also great excuses to hit the hay, or the pile of leaves in your back year.  Winter however, remains the sensuous of seasons. 

Given birth rates spike in early Autumn, we've long known January is a busy month for many. Maybe it's about checking off a New Year's resolution, or wanting to get it started with a bang. Either way, those chilly days and extra long nights combine to not only arouse carnal cravings, but also lead to feelings of restlessness.  We all know that restlessness, must ultimately be managed somehow.  

January, especially for those living in cold climates, is also one of the most satisfying month to get naked.  Think about it, we generally wear the least amount of clothing in the summer, it's often so hot, we're stripping off clothing every chance we get.  In the winter however, we're more heavily clothed in layers of coats, boots and sweaters.  It takes so much longer to rip off those many layers and so much more rewarding when that last wet sock is finally ripped off.

When I was growing up in the eighties, I thought all winter sweaters were required to be itching and uncomfortable.  I had several, much like those worn here by Henry and Riley.   I hated them.  The best thing about them, was ripping them off at the end of the day and feeling the sense of freedom when I could finally rip them off.  My distain for sweaters eventually went away, when I got older and found that you could actually find sweaters that looked good, and didn't feel like steel wool being rubbed across your skin. 


It also helps, when seeing images of models wearing nothing else, but their winter sweaters.  If your a fan of photographer Andrew Bowman, you might recognize the particular winter sweater Henry's wearing.  It's one of many pieces of clothing that Andrew's used within his series of winter imagery themed images. .  

'I actually did buy this Sweater a few years ago with Christmas shoots in mind. I've never actually worn it myself!  As you know I like doing ‘Donald Duck’ shoots where the model is naked from the waist down.'

I love the themes Andrew's utilizes within his work, and especially his use of fashion and props in their creation. The most banal of items can be transformed if if the right hands.  I think if you saw one of these winter sweaters in a bin at a department store, you wouldn't necessarily think they'd make great additions to a shoot with a hot male model.  Andrew however, makes it work.