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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 11th

Austin by Alan Rust
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Kudos to Paul Telfer

I wasn't expecting much when Playgirl announced it was shooting some of the hotties from Days Of Our Lives.  The magazine has a history of shoots with soap stars, and very few showed much beyond what they do regularly on their shows.  All of the actors featured in the recent issue have shown skin on Days, and for me, the only point of the Playgirl shoot, was to show a wee bit more.

I wasn't expecting any full frontals, but I was thinking there might be some butt shots or implied nudity.  Although Christopher Sean looks hot in his short shorts, the only actor who gave us a little 'sumthin' sumthin' was actor Paul Telfer   Telfer's character Xander is known for his frequent shirtless scenes, and he's the only actor from the show who stripped down to briefs, with some implied nudity and a hint of butt crack.

It's not surprising, Telfer embraces his characters lack of clothing on social media, often joking about Xander's inability to find his shirts.  He's also done some nude modeling in the past, (first image) and had a butt scene in the television show Mile High. (HERE:) His character also had a frontal, but I'm confident that was body double or prosthetic.  For this Playgirl layout, as hot as all of the actors look, the kudos go to Mr. Telfer. 

The Showroom Model: Austin by Alan Rust

'Austin is Hollywood handsome and also such a really nice man.'

If you know anything about sells, you know how much time and thought is put into the visuals.  The items in catalogs, in store windows, and the front of the store are often the ones most visually striking and eye-catching.  Retailers want to grab your attention, and encourage you stay, look and want to see more. 

This is especially true when it comes to car sales.  Most cars on display in showrooms are meticulously taken care of, shined daily and always looking their best.  It makes sense then, that dealerships also love finding salespeople who are captivating as the products their selling.  Of course that's not always the case, being knowledgeable and trustworthy also helps.  Studies however have also found, that attractive salespeople are often the most successful.

It's not a surprise then, that photographer Alan Rust spotted something visually stunning when he entered a showroom in a car dealership in Omaha Nebraska.  Well, maybe not a something, but a someone, the good looking salesman who was helping him out.  I introduced FH readers to Alan's work last month, (HERE:) and as an artist with an eye for beauty, he of course had to ask Austin if he'd be interested in modeling and doing a photo shoot.

Having never modeled before, Austin didn't answer right away, but promised to think about it and consider Alan's offer.  They continued to keep in contact, and Alan continued to ask.  Austin eventually made the move out West, and it was then, that he decided he was up for a shoot. 

'Austin is Hollywood handsome and also such a really nice man. I was able to see right away that he was a natural at modeling.'

Given's Alan's focus on fashion and style, you can see how perfectly he paired fashion with form.  I especially love how Austin looks in the blue striped shorts Alan chose, beautifully spotlighting Austin's amazing physique. Given how devoted Austin was to health and fitness, Alan also incorporated fitness focused images during the shoot.  Austin did so well modeling for Alan, he set up a second shoot the following day with a great photographer in Lincoln.  Alan joined in for that project as well and shares Austin did equally well in both shoots.

Alan has kept in contact with Austin, but unfortunately hasn't set up another shot.  Austin's focus on fitness shifted more towards bodybuilding, putting modeling on the back burner.  Austin shares that he enjoyed his brief time as a fashion and fitness model though, and loves having the images they created, As a bodybuilder, he also loves having the visual testament of that point in his fitness journey.

A Look Back: Tom Nolan in School Spirit

'A college student gets into a car crash and becomes a special kind of ghost who can make himself invisible or corporeal at will. He takes advantage of his powers to pursue his fellow female students, during the infamous 'Hog Day'.'

During the 1990's and 2000's, actor Tom Nolan was seen more of a character actor, but that wasn't the case at the beginning of his career.  Nolan began acting professionally in the late 1970's, and even if you aren't familiar with his name, I'm guessing most of you  have seen at least a few of the films he appeared in.

Nolan was a fixture in films in the 1980's, working with some of Hollywood's biggest stars with appearances in movies including: Yanks, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Up The Creek, Tequila Sunrise and The Falcon and the Snowman.  Nolan also had numerous television appearances including co-staring alongside Elizabeth Taylor in the 1989 television adaptation of Sweet Bird of Youth.

Many of you also might have seen Tom, under a blond wig, co-starring with Pia Zadora and Craig Sheffer in the 1984 musical comedy, Voyage of the Rock Aliens.  Nolan's last acting role was in 2000, after regular appearances on the television shows Out of this World and Harry and the Hendersons

I love an embarrassment scene, and although he doesn't show much, when I recently saw an image of Nolan in the 1985 comedy, School Spirit, I had to see more.  We only a get a few quick peaks of Tom's tuchus as he runs around in a hospital gown, but given it's the actor's only nude scene, (that I could find) I thought it was worth a closer look.

I love finding comedies from the 80's with a little male nudity and Nolan especially hot in School Spirit. You can download the video on SENDSPACE HERE