Friday, September 11, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 12th

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Succulent Selfies

Casting the Bait

It almost seem part of the package, that if your a guy, and appear on reality television, you'll do what ever it takes to expand your fifteen minutes.  Big Brother contestants more than others, seem to be heading to social media and OnlyFans sites to show a little skin, bait a little hook, in the creation of thirst traps to grab your attention, and your cash.   I don't really hear anyone complaining...

A Bond Assist

'After a year of working in front of and around the cameras together, Bond and Alex, the studio’s assistant and second photographer, have become good friends.'

Although we all put on and take off pants every day, well most days... it never hurts to have a helping hand.  Over the years, one of my favorite parts of featuring Bond, is the behind the scenes shots Wes includes with each shoot.  Most of the those helping hands have belonged to Alex, NMS's model, photographer and PA.  You can tell Alex and Bond get along great, and that Bond has developed a trust in Alex and his helpful hands.

'I have worked with quite a few models now, but Bond is special, a unique one, always cheerful and willing to try whatever it takes for a great shot. My gaydar was broken apparently though. I thought, hoped... he might be gay, because he was so comfortable and open.'

'It's his eyes that seduce you, he has great thighs and is very masculine but his eyes... they make you feel safe, relaxed, in love. I don't know how to explain it but as I told Bond, if he ever decides to switch sides, I would jump on that immediately.'

Below: Bond with Alex and Charles Zambrano 

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