Friday, July 17, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 18th

Andrew by studioAtruong
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Happy Birthday today July 18th

Happy 30th Mr. Crawford!

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The Bottom Line: Pool Etiquette

Observing several rules of common courtesy will be helpful this summer season:

1. Entering: Never dive, jump or thrust into the open area, slide slowly in when you see an opening.

2. Pace: Maintain the rhythm and pace of the other swimmers in your lane

3. Stopping: Never stop while in motion, ease out slowly, pushing off then out in one fluid motion.

4. Washing off: Always thoroughly wash and clean off upon exit to ensure all chemicals have been removed from your body and skin.

5. Tidy your area: Ensure you have wiped up any messes or picked up any remaining clothing off the floor before leaving the area.

Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing

Every year I moan about how I am not going to watch Big Brother, but always cave. This year... I didn't. Not sure why, viewers seem to love this crop of houseguests, but aside from the first show, I have taken BB off my DVR, and my list of summer viewing. I may still post now and then, especially if Clay decides show show any skin, or do anything remotely of interest.

But that doesn't mean my Big Brother updates will be gone all together. I still keep my eye out for anything new with some of my favorites from the past. Last year's runner up, and many people's favorite, Cody Calafiore is one of the new faces at Soul Artist Management, and last week they released some enjoyable new digitals on their blog.

Perfetto: Andrew by studioAtruong

'Andrew has the leanest body I've ever photographed, he has the long, elegant build of a dancer.'

When I first opened the folder of images from studioAtruong, I too thought Andrew might be a dancer. It wasn't just Andrew's lean 6' 0" frame, it was also the elegance photographer Alain described, and the clear connection between body, mind and movement Andrew so beautifully possesses.

It was not easy to narrow down to 16 from the close to 400 images Alain shared with me to choose from. Especially because in each and every image, Andrew's movement and poses were effortlessly executed. Whether it be the tilt of his neck, the stretch of an arm or leg or his stunning hazel eyes and their gaze towards the camera. I was also drawn to Andrew's hands and fingers. So often hands can be one of the most awkward body parts to place properly, especially with full body shots but with Andrew they flow as one with the rest of his body.

Andrew is so natural in front of the lens, it is clear he is comfortable with his body, and himself. Even though just 20, he has been modeling for awhile. Andrew says he truly loves creating an image, 'expressing emotion with my body, and sparking creativity and ideas.'

'Andrew is blessed with long, elegant limbs and swan-like, statuesque stature. All he has to do is stand there and the photos would turn out beautiful. Andrew is exceptionally lean with perhaps 1% body fat.'

Alain is one of my favorite artists to feature, and although he might be right, that Andrew would photograph beautifully just standing there, I think part of the strength of Alain's images is the artist behind the lens. Alain is an expert at capturing physical elegance and his images masterfully blend form with style in the creation of dramatically sensual imagery.

Alain's work always generates interest, and his work with Warren last Autumn brought FH some of it's highest hits last year. You can check out all of Alain's features on FH by checking out my Quarternate post HERE:

Alain's images are just popular with readers of FH, his work with Andrew also generated excitement in the residents of a small village in Italy. Andrew is Italian American with a very non judgemental and very supportive mother. I love to ask models who shot nudes how their family and friends reacted to their images, but with Andrew there was no issue at all, the opposite in fact.

Andrew had no fear or concerns with sharing his work with his very proud mom, who in turn, shared the images with the villagers from her home town in her native Italy. They were all also very proud of their native son, and took a wee bit of pride of the great gene pool they produced!

Check out more of Alain's work with Andrew at: