Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 25th

Favorite Birthday Boy for February 25th

Favorite Birthday Boys for Today February 25th

English actor Oliver Milburn turns 36 today.

Oliver in 'Loaded' (1994).

'Loaded' caps via Casperfan.

Sean Astin turns 38 today.

Below: Sean in 'Toy Soldiers' (1991).

Also Celebrating today February 25th

Happy Birthday also today to:

Actor Justin Berfield turns 23 today.

Swedish Idol finalist Danny Saucedo turns 23 today.

Known to many for his role on 'Neighbours', actor David Hoflin turns 30 today.

I lusted after Alexis Denisof much more than 'Angel' myself. The soon to be father, Alexis turns 43 today.

Pic Series Of The Day: Brad Kroenig in Karl Lagerfeld's 'Metamorphoses of an American'

German-born fashion designer and artist Karl Lagerfeld last year focused his creative eye on supermodel Brad Kroenig. Lagerfeld's foucs was the physical and emotional development of top male model and Lagerfeld muse, Brad Kroenig. The results are on beautiful and dramatic display in his book series 'Metamorphoses of an American'. The book is avaliable on amazon and many other websites at great prices so check it out if you want to see the entire 1144 pic filled pages. Also check out Karl's official site HERE: