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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 8th

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Tweet, Tweet

I finally started a Twitter for FH.  Although I do use Instagram, it's limitations have been frustrating.  Over the past week, I've had 4 images removed, three of them, from years ago.  The images removed were rather tame, and followed Instagram's rules.  Although I do push the boundaries a bit, those images strangely usually stay.  I rarely had images removed or given warnings, but this week marked a change...

With the threat of having my page deleted, Twitter seemed more welcoming.  I'm hoping to use the Twitter page to feature images not seen on FH.  Often photographers send on extra images  (like these shots of Jessie Smith by TR Pics) that I don't use in the FH story.  If you're on Twitter, join me HERE:

Gian Keys: A Closer Look

'I had no theatre background and was never really drawn to acting, but I was looking for a challenge and decided to give it a shot.'

Last month, as part of my Horror Hunks series, I featured the male cast of 2016's The Love Witch. (HERE:)  Although many of the male cast members appeared naked in the film, there was one notable exception.  I was immediately drawn to the handsome face of actor Gian Keys.  Keys played Griff Meadows, the police officer assigned to look into all of the men dying at the witches home.

The Love Witch (2016)

Keys has a great body and classically handsome face, and I was sure I recognized him from something. A quick glance at his IMDB page didn't really provide any clues, as I don't think I saw anything on his credit list.  It did tell me however, that Keys began his acting career in the early 2000's appearing in a series of softcore films and television shows.

In addition to his film work, a quick Google search also indicated Keys started out as a model.  After leaving the air force, and his job as an air traffic controller, Keys began competitive bodybuilding. This led to a brief career modeling before moving to LA in 2002 to take a stab at an acting career.  Keys landed his first role, on the first episode of the Cinemax softcore series Hotel Erotica

Gian by Kai Yee 

You can check out more of Gain, as well as caps and clips from his softcore roles on the 

Gian by David Vance

Quaternate: Greg Lindeblom

'I am truly motivated to portray the beauty of the male "architecture". The male form is perfect and I strive to enhance it in all of my work.' 

I first got in touch with photographer Greg Lindeblom about featuring his work a little over a decade ago.  The quote above comes from the first piece featuring his work back in October 2011. Every time I feature Greg's work, I'm reminded how his use o of the term male architecture so perfectly describes the visuals he creates.  Through his use of classic pose, and a focus on form, Greg creates sensually erotic lines, curves and designs, celebrating the beauty, strength and structure of the male physique. 


There It Is: Anthony by Always A Novice Photography

'In everything I do, I always feel the need to expand my knowledge. With that in mind, I approach everything as if I'm a novice with the capacity to learn more.'

When I got my first full time job after University, I was hired, along with nine new employee's, into a new branch of the organization. The first thing my new supervisor did, was assign each of the new nine a mentor.  They felt connecting us all someone established will support our work and transition into the job. One of the most memorable thing my mentor taught me, and something I still apply to my work is to always be a student. He taught me that when you assume you know everything about your job, you're pretty much done. 

He also taught to me to 'look for the learners'.  This was especially important when hiring.  I remember sitting in hiring sessions in which overly qualified people were dismissed and others, with far less experience, were hired.  They, were the learners.  Individuals who presented themselves as open to taking risks, being more creative, and exploring and trying things outside of the box.  This was especially important in my field of phycology in which each new person you interact with is an opportunity to learn more about human behavior. 

As you can tell from his professional credit, Russel from Always A Novice positions himself as a learner.  Russell has always been fascinated with photography.  As interested as he was the results, Russell was equally passionate about the process and what an artist can capture with lighting, setting, composition and a great model.  In 2010, Russell made the move from Philadelphia to the San Francisco area. 

Two years after his move he decided to purchase a camera and create images that he found intriguing, artsy and fun. After playing around with his new camera for awhile,  decided to take some classes.  Even after getting the basics, he knew there was so much more to experience and learn.  With that in mind, he came up with 'Always A Novice Photography', indicating his desire to always be learning and creative exploring. 

I first discovered Russell's work about five years ago.  I came upon his work with DirtRoad, one of my favorite models to feature.  I began to follow his work on Model Mayhem and Instagram and have always hoped to feature his imagery.  So many features on the site are created through connection. Thanks to Photography by George, a link was formed and contact was made. Since this is his first time on the site, I threw Russell as series of questions about how he got started and some of his experiences shooting over the years.  I of course had to ask about this shoot, and his work with the intensely sensual and alluring Anthony.

What led to your focus on the male form?
As a longtime nudist and nude model myself, it struck me that the nude male figure was not getting the fair attention and praise that it deserved in society. The nude male form comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and I wanted to capture and celebrate that! I decided that I wanted to make art (whatever that is) and showcase the diverse male bodies but not in an overtly sexual or erotic light. I'm still trying to find that line and that keeps me going. 

Do you have a philosophy that drives your work?
As a way to put the model at ease, I inform them that I'm a nudist and nude model and my philosophy on capturing the beauty of the nude form.. Before a shoot, as part of the itinerary, I always include, "If we're not laughing during the shoot, we're doing it wrong!" 

How do you set the tone for a shoot?
Because I've been a nude model, occasionally, models have suggested that I be nude as well during a shoot and I oblige. I'm definitely not bashful, however,  I've always been shy and a bit of an introvert so engaging with the model was a surprising challenge for me. I'll come up with a joke to get a smile if I sense the model is a bit nervous or hasn't smiled in a while

Although the model may be nervous, I'm a bundle of nerves...always! If there are tattoos, I always ask which one was the first and if they plan to get more. I also make sure to ask if there are any shots they'd like for themselves which can run from 'mild to wild'. Most don't but there are a few models that take me up on it. I also have a side project called the "Backside Project". These are full nudes from behind that I place on my Flickr account. No faces so it's totally anonymous. I always get one or two from each model who sometimes have to remind me. 

Do you have any 'stories' you can share of shooting outside in CA?
I shot a model along a trail north of San Francisco and twice the model was caught nude and had to quickly get dressed with no offense to the passersby. An older couple, had a great reaction. The gentleman was laughing the entire time while the woman was a bit shocked. When the model put on pants, she was waiting for him to put on his shirt as well...all the while her partner was laughing. 

Another model wanted me to take some very intimate photos of him and his girl. After talking it over with the both of them, I obliged. Started out awkward for me but ended up being another shoot and learning experience. The things you do for your art!

'As soon as we walked into the space, we had a vision. The way Russell and I took the space and created art was masterful, It truly was a work of art.'

How did you first connect with Anthony?
Anthony answered my Model Mayhem post and man was I excited! I've wanted to work with him for a long time and here was the opportunity. 

Tell me about the shoot?
Working with Anthony was pure joy! He's as charming as he is beautiful. Was quite comfortable in front of the camera and took directions well. I explained the theme I was looking to shoot and we all came prepared but you go where the art takes you and I'm quite pleased with the results. Had a nice long talk afterwards and we're set up to shoot some outdoor nudes next month. I'm really looking forward to that experience. 

Do you have a favorite shot from your work together?
I love the play of light and shadow on the figure so my favorite shot is that of him squatting on the chair with his back to the camera. Once I saw that, I thought, "There it is!"