Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 11th

Charles by Roderick Cumming
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tMf Cover Winner Revealed!

After narrowing the many entries to a final 12, and then a final 6, voting was fast and furious for the cover of the Anniversary Issue this June of tMf. Although not an easy choice, the voters are clearly set on seeing much more of KyLe.

Kyle: Taken yesterday by Dylan Rosser

Just Because: Spring

After what was a final blast of winter last week, it appears spring is finally here for me! Nothing quite screams spring, or maybe sprung, like a shirtless Max Emerson! I still love visiting Max's blog and although his busy schedule has prevented lengthy writings, he is still is updating from time to time!

The Artist's Accomplice Charles by Roderick Cumming

'The best shots come from great chemistry between model and photographer. Of course you have to have a cool concept to work with, but once you start shooting with a great rapport then a shoot takes on a life of its own. You try new things - sometimes they don't work and sometimes you get a unique and beautiful shot. Charles has the kind of personality you cant help but like, and this shoot - one of his first - was one of those great shoots that just led to some really great, and sexy, shots.'
Roderick Cumming

I first introduced FH readers to the work of Toronto photographer Roderick Cumming this past February (Smokin). In that feature, I talked about some of Roderick's traveling destinations and how experiencing new visual simulations can fuse into the work of a photographer. What one is able to see it not just what is in front of them, it often brings together one's life experiences, travels, emotions and heartaches and imagination and effects how your brain interprets and processes the visuals in front of them.

Roderick says his approach to working is both serious but fun. Before a shoot, he always has idea's in mind, but equally important wants to hear the idea's from the model he is working with. Roderick says chemistry played a role in his work with 21 year Ottawa model Charles, but I think the artist plays down the importance of his experience and skills within the process. Chemistry is not something you can necessarily control but what you do with it, how you tap into and bring it forth creatively is the when the real magic occurs. Knowing instinctively how to work in collaboration with a model, bringing out the their personality and strengths is something Roderick clearly excels at.

A trust obviously quickly formed and although it is one of his first shoots, Charles is a natural in front of Roderick's camera and appears at ease and comfortable with everything thrown at him. Fashion, fitness and nude work all represent the serious and the fun Rodrick described and both together create a wide variety of incredible looks for Charles portfolio.

Although Charles may be new to modeling, his plans for the future are already firmly in place. Currently in University studying Economics, he is still not exactly sure what he plans to specialize in although is leaning towards moving towards a career in Law. An avid soccer player, Charles leads an active life and tries and keep his body in the best shape possible.

Charles reports that he has always had an interest in fashion and photography. He did some work last summer helping out a friend studying photography, and shortly after, created his Model Mayhem profile and taking his modelling more seriously. After doing what he considers 'his first real shoot' and having professional photos to upload, Charles began to network on the site and was quickly began receiving positive responses from others in the MM community.

'After checking out his awesome work, shooting with Rod was a no-brainer lol! Rod is a super nice guy and genuinely passionate about his craft. In terms of concepts, we had spoken briefly of definitely doing some underwear shots but everything else just flowed from our joint creativity and communication the day of the shoot. He explained to me that his style of shooting involves capturing my natural movement and poses and if there was something in particular he liked, he would ask me to re-do it.'

'After taking a decent amount of shots, he would show me just how they are turning out and this was great for feedback. We really just kept bouncing ideas off each other and time just flew by! The whole shoot was really fun and I was very pleased with how the shots came out. Rod's work is impressive and the fact that we seem to have a great understanding of each other has made me very excited to work with him again.'

'I really am taking this seriously as my end goal is to be represented by a reputable and recognizable agency. It is primarily editorial work, lifestyle, and underwear modelling that I intend to pursue. I look up to Tyson Beckford and Cristiano Ronaldo as models and I think their work is great. I do believe I have what it takes to succeed and while I have a lot to learn, collaborating with Rod has definitely helped me along the way. I'm looking forward to what's next up for me!'

Charle's on ModelMayhem

Channing Tatum: Backing It Up!

I posted recently about my new found respect for actor Channing Tatum. (Just Because: Magic Mike) The actor continues to up his cool quota by backing his bountiful booty into the waiting hands of Elton John recently. On stage for Revlon's Rainforest Fund Concert, Channing and Elton performed on stage at Carnegie Hall singing ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’ . Other artists performing included James Taylor, Jennifer Hudson, and Bruno Mars.

Channing in The Vow (2012)

Note: I have not seen The Vow yet and some viewers are reporting seeing this scene edited to show less. Much more indepth research required. Can anyone let me know their experience?