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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

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 'I'd like them to think 'consummate performer,' and that really just came to my head.  I am a performer, and I never want to be thought of only as a star or as a celebrity.  I just want to be a meaningful, entertaining performer.'

Dame Angela Landsbury

(Answering what she'd like her fans to think of when they hear her name.)

Michael Blodgett in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

'Look there. Lance Rocke.  Greek God and part-time actor.  See how well he performs?  His is a special talent.  The golden hair, the bedroom eyes, the firm young body.  These are the tools with which he plies his trade.  All are available for a price.'
Ronnie (Z-Man) Barzell 

Once again actor Michael Blodgett is the object of obsession, this time it's record producer Ronnie (Z-Man) Barzell, (John Lazar) who wants a piece of his firm young body.  I had heard a bit about the 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but had never seen it before.  Not sure how I lived this long without seeing Lance Rocke (Blodgett) tied up and rolling around in his  leopard skin briefs. 

Originally intended as a sequel to the 1967 film Valley of the Dolls, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was instead revised as a parody of the commercially successful but critically reviled original. Beyond met a similar fate; it was initially panned by critics but became a box office success. The film later developed a cult following in subsequent decades, and earned some critical reappraisal for its satirical and metafictional elements. 

Directed by Russ Meyer and screen written by Roger Ebert, (Siskel & Ebert)  the film follows three girl rockers who come to Hollywood to make it big.  Instead, all they find is sex, drugs and sleaze.  They also find the lovely Lance and the Z-Man which doesn't exactly end that well...

Near the end of the film, Z-Man invites Casey, Roxanne, and Lance to a psychedelic-fueled party at his house. After Z-Man tries to seduce Lance, who spurns him, he reveals that he has breasts and is a female in drag. Z-Man goes on a murderous rampage: he kills Lance with a sword, stabs his servant Otto to death, and shoots Roxanne and Casey, killing them. 

Although I hated the trans and homophobia in the film, I'll cut it just a tiny bit of slack given it was made in 1970.  So many films of the 70's and 80's and even beyond, often  used the tired and dangerous trope of making trans and gay characters the killers and psychopaths  In this case, the eccentric rock producer Z-Man was actually based on real-life producer Phil Spector.  Given that about three decades after the film's release, Spector was convicted of murder, the writers made a good choice..  

The violent ending was not actually in Ebert's original script.  It was inspired and added by the real-life Tate-LaBianca murders perpetrated by members of the Manson Family the year prior.  Sharon Tate was one of the stars of the Original Valley of the Dolls film, so it made sense in a warped sort of way...

Sadly though, Ebert wasn't as creative with the gay characters he created as every gay, lesbian and transsexual character in the film winds up dead by the time the credits role  I was rather annoyed watching the film, it was loud, but visually and sound wise and the dialogue, even for a parody, was badly written.  I given Ebert props only, for taking advantage of Blodgett's reputation of a Hollywood himbo and getting him those leopard skin briefs.  

A nude scene would have been nice, but Blodgett in bondage and leopard skin briefs was hot!  You can download the scene on SendSpace HERE:

Michael Blodgett in There Was a Crooked Man...

'A charming but totally ruthless criminal is sent to a remote Arizona prison. He enlists the help of his cellmates in an escape attempt with the promise of sharing his hidden loot. '

Every movie needs a little eye candy and in the 1970 western There Was A Crooked Man, that sweet candy comes in the form of Coy Cavendish played by actor Michael Blodgett.  I'm not a huge fan of westerns, but I really enjoyed this prison comedy starring Kurt Douglas and Henry Fonda.

The film was shot at Joshua Tree National Park, where the 1880's prison set was build over 4 acres of the part.  It took close to two months to prepare the set for filming.   The film includes many familiar actors from the 70's including Douglas and Fonda along with Hume Cronyn, John Randolph, Burgess Meredith and even Alan Hale who played the Skipper on Gilligan's Island.

Although Blodgett's nude scene is memorable, you have to watch for it as it's filmed as almost background to a scene focused on Burgess Meredith.  The prisoners are forced to bath, and in the scene Blodgett's Coy gets up and walks in the background as The Missouri Kid, (Meredith) fights having to bathe.   In addition to Blodgett's bare behind, there's also a quick butt scene featuring Kurt Douglass.

In addition to the nude scene, it's also notable that there are three gay characters featured in the movie. 
John Randolph and Hume Cronyn are a pair of aging gay con men who've pulled one con too many and are in the prison with Douglas in the same cell. The bickering couple eventually become a part of Pittman’s (Douglas) scheme to escape.

The third gay character is Skinner, the penitentiary guard who takes a lecherous liking to Coy.  You can understand why given how most times we see Coy, he's hot and sweaty from all the hard labour done at the prison.  Skinner tries to lure Coy into a relationship with the promise of easier work, but Coy doesn't bite.  Skinner is none to pleased and decides to have him whipped which trigger a riot by Coy's fellow prisoners. 

Coy & Skinner

You can download the video below on SendSpace HERE:

Jettisoning the Jeans: Chris by Unlimited Male

'I think what I enjoyed most about working with Chris was the fact that he was as comfortable with the nudity as he was. He also had a great sense of humor and was really laid back and a dream to work with.'

Jay (Unlimited Male) continues his exceptional integration of clothing in this series with the jettison of the jeans.   Again, I loved how  much Chris interacted with his clothing in so many of the images and so many of his poses.  Chris plays and teases the viewer with his t-shirt before eventually taking it off.

When Jay sent on this series, he included several shots of Chris fully erect, but wrote that he understood if I didn't include them.  I don't generally feature many erection shots on the blog, in part, as I don't often find them especially interesting or erotic.  They can also be a distraction, as in many cases, they take focus, diminishing the skill of the artist and  look of the model.

Were erection shots discussed or did they just 'come up' in the moment during the shoot? 
They just "came up." Chris actually got more than one erection during the shoot. The first erection happened without him even touching himself. 

It was an easy decision however, include the shots of Chris.  They flow so well with the feel and fun of the shoot and incorporate the shirt consistent with the other images from the series.  I also think they're incredibly hot, and love the sense of play between Chris and the camera.  This is especially evident in Jay's shots (below) of Chris looking at the camera, and then in the next shot, looking down at his erect penis.