Thursday, April 7, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 8th

Dayton by Steve Jerome
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All In: Dayton by Steve Jerome

'Whatever the shoot requires, Dayton is always ready, willing and able!'

San Diego photographer Steve Jerome recalls that when model Dayton O'Connor arrived for their first photo shoot, he knew it would be the first of many.  Steve describes Dayton as a very personal and polite young model who gives his all to his work.  Athletic, fit and toned, Steve loved the variety of looks Dayton was able to take on; young professional businessman, sports and fitness all the way to the hunky bad boy and fetish shots they captured.

I loved that Steve described Dayton as polite.  Polite is word seldom used today, especially when describing anyone over the age of eight.  It is especially not a word not everyone would associate in connection with a nude shoot with an adult film performer, which is why I loved Steve's use of the word so much.

I have been loving featuring Steve's work since first profiling his work on FH last fall.  Steve's images are always professional but also always intentionally and intensely sexual.  After featuring sizzling shots of  Dakota Charles, followed up by with work with Quinn Jaxon and Seth Sorenson, when I went back into his port to suggest another subject, Dayton was at the top of my list!

I love Steve's images of Dayton, especially that smouldering look in his beautiful blue eyes. Although Dayton looks great naked, and clearly experienced with stripping down for the camera, Steve brings out a great sense of vulnerablity in many of the images.  Steve achieves this in a variety way.  There are obvious and clear choices, like the tying of his hands, There are also more subtle ways, like the image of Dayton above.  With his underwear pulled down and his hands behind his back, there is a almost a feeling of being on forced display.

'Young, confident and caring, Dayton involves himself in the local San Diego community, often creating his own garb by hand.  When he involves himself in causes, he goes all in and fights for what he believes in with great passion. On his shoots he is extremely easy to work with because of his experience and warm personality. Vibrant, fun, thoughtful and full of life, Dayton has a distinctive voice that is masculine and intriguing.'


Restituda1 does it again...

Until this week, when I thought of a TV show called Filthy Rich, I thought of an old 80's sit-com. Although I never saw it, I had heard of it due it's stars Dixie Carter and Delta Burke.  Thanks to Restituda1, I now have a much hotter image to to associate with the show.

Actor Josh Mckenzie, who stars in the current version of the show, is sex on stick, with an incredible butt the show wisely puts on full display.  The New Zealand based drama airs Monday and Tuesdays on TVZN and although I have yet to watch an episode, I am on the hunt to find where I can.  Thanks again to Restituda1 for the great caps!