Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 10th

Above: Model Kyle Patrick, another amazing shot by photographer J. Cassoni.

Happy Birthday today August 10th to:

Happy Birthday today August 10th to:

Alexis Driollet turns 25 today.

Ale Marchi turns 30 today.

Remy Martin turns 30 today.

Justin Theroux turns 37 today.

Rugby's Lawrence Dallaglio turns 37 today.

Eric Thal turns 44 today.

Antonio Banderas turns 49 today.

Thanks John Hughes

Sadly writer, director and producer John Hughes died last week at the far too young age of 59. Going the through list of movies John was connected to I was surprised to realize I had never seen any of his actual films in a theatre. They were all DVD and VHS rentals for me. This did not however take away from the impact John and his films had on many during the 80's and 90's.

I think I would have to say my favorite of all his films was 'The Breakfast Club'. There was so much truth in this movie about fighting you way through your teens that every time I rewatch it I see something new I had not picked up before. 'The Breakfast Club' has to be good as it is one of the only movies I can stomach Molly Ringwald in. (Although I do like 'Betsy's Wedding'). There was just something about Molly that always annoyed me.

I was never a huge fan of 'Home Alone' yet, the scene with the old man at the end of the film always brings a tear to my eye. I stick it on every once in awhile at Christmas just for that scene. It is also nice to see Catherine O'Hara in a mainstream movie, even in a supporting role. (The woman is brilliant! Love my old SCTV Tapes).

As a huge Steve Martin fan, I also love 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' although I still watch hoping something might go right for these two guys during this viewing.

John gained a reputation for being behind a series of 'teenage' themed movies, but I hope this is not his legacy. His resume is much more than the handful of teen movies he wrote and directed. When I think of John Hughes I think of heart. There was always at least one scene in each of his movies that tugged at the heartstrings and reminded you how important those in your life truly are. For that I hope he is remembered.