Monday, May 20, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 20th

An Outward Glance by Indulis
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Happy Birthday Mr. President

Happy 53rd this May 20th to Scandal's President Fitzgerald Grant. Check out more of actor Tony Goldwyn HERE:

Also celebrating today, actor Matt Czuchry HERE: & more of today's bumper crop of birthday boys HERE: & HERE:

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin

Although it cannot be denied the timing is suspect, I believe him.

I respect if others don't. Sexual abuse however does not come with a hand book. It often gets buried, hidden and comes out at times, and in ways, even the victim can't control. Common sense seems to get thrown out the window whenever Jackson allegations arise. Those who believe victims should be silent when a perpetrator has died are simply wrong, and frankly uneducated on the issue. Hitler....slave owners...the 911 bombers... recently, one of the Boston bombers. They are now all dead. The fall out, the pain and healing however, continues. Speaking, (although not necessary with Matt Lauer) is really to only way to ensure that can happen.

Just Because: Catching Fire

Liam Hemsworth is certainly one of Hollywood's hottest actors. In these images, along with Catching Fire co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin, Liam is the epitome of old Hollywood. Dashing and debonair, almost channelling Cary Grant or Clark Gable. Liam looks especially sexy in just the white shirt.