Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favortie Pic of the Day for August 19th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for August 19th Callum Blue

Something very sexy about English actor Callum Blue who turns 31 today.

Callium in 'Dead Like Me'.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for August 19th John Stamos

Sexy then, sexy now, actor John Stamos turns 45 today.

Also celebrating today August 19th

Happy Birthday also today to:

The adorable Micah Alberti turns 24 today.

Singer, songwriter and actor Darius Danesh turns 28 today. I am sure Darius cringes each birthday knowing his kilt mishap will be once again posted...

Chandler Bing was my favorite friend, and Matthew Perry turns 39 today.

Actor Kevin Dillon turns 43 today.

I am a big Kyra Sedgwick fan, the lovely Kyra turns 43 today.

Actor Peter Gallagher, who I posted about last week turns 53 today.

Just Because: Will Wikle

I have already shared my love and lust for Will Wikle. This new pic series from HX is so HOT! Read the interview below where he shares some of his experiences including an on-set fling with Brent Corrigan. (Brent has been quoted as saying meeting Will was one of the best experiences of his life. I can see why, we all want a Will).

From HX Online: Official Site found HERE:

Gays Gone Wild!
By Brandon Voss

Life once again imitated art during filming of Todd Stephens’ follow-up to the successful 2006 summer spoof Another Gay Movie, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, in which four gays seek anal action on Spring Break—and at least one sexy star isn’t afraid to spill off-set secrets! Joining celebrity costars like RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Brent Corrigan, Lypsinka, Jim Verraros, Colton Ford, Amanda Lepore, Michael Lucas, Perez Hilton and Scott Thompson, openly gay Big Brother 5 contestant and Round Trip Ticket host Will Wikle steams and sasses up the screen as Jasper, the leader of an evil gay clique. Wikle, a previous HX coverboy in May 2006 for his Radio with a Twist gig, exclusively gave us all the salacious scoop.

HX: How did this role come about for you? Was there a casting couch involved?
Will Wikle: I’d love to say I was discovered in the food court of a local shopping mall, but in reality, I just auditioned like everyone else.

You look amazing in the film—and on our cover—and I hate/love you for it. How did you physically prepare?
One night, I was inspired by something Tyra said to the girls on Top Model. I thought, I don’t have the natural beauty to pull off high fashion, so maybe I should try giving them men’s magazine. I gained 30 pounds, but it mostly went straight to my ass. Sometimes I feel like I should be dropping it in a rap video.

Which characters or real-life bitches inspired your performance as the film’s resident Mean Gurl?
Jasper was most inspired by Johnny, the villain from the first Karate Kid—if Johnny had been a hateful bossy bottom. Of course, there are also homages to the greatest mean girls of all time, Heather Chandler and Regina George.

Speaking of villainesses, Miss RuPaul declined to comment for this article. Was she the biggest diva on set?

She was the only one with her own trailer, but Ru was amazing. I think people would be surprised by how spiritual and zen she is. Bunny wins the diva trophy hands down, but she owns it. If you ever want to know how to properly read a makeup girl, take lessons from Bunny.

You were filming in Ft. Lauderdale for a month. Was there a lot of hooking up off set amongst the cast?
Are you kidding me? The production company should have put webcams in the hotel rooms and made some hard cash. Off set was like Xtube: The Musical.

Did any “straight” actors give in to gay temptation?
The majority of the straight actors were legit, although yes, there was one who took his character research very seriously. I won’t say who, but I’m just sayin’...

Have you ever been involved with a closet case who was straight with his girlfriend—or even in the media—but straight to bed with you?
There was a time that I had a sexual relationship with a married male socialite. Not only was it heavy on my conscience, but he was so bad in bed. Those kind of affairs are bad karma.

Word has it that you had your own fling on the set with costar and porn pup Brent Corrigan. Dish!
The atmosphere on set was very gay summer camp, and a few of us did find our way into each other’s bunks. Yes, I had an innocent little romance with Brent, but it honestly felt more like a story line on The Hills. It was very Justin Bobby and Audrina. We always knew it would end with the closing credits.

The lovely Brent Corrigan who has got to have one of the world's best bums! Brent ha been through a lot of crap in the business but I admire his strength to move forward and take of control of his future in the business and make his own decisions.

How do things stand with Brent today?
We’re still close, and I do feel very protective of him. I think the audience will really respond to his performance, and I hope to work with him again—even if it’s just making our own private videos. For our Hills spin-off, of course!

Do you currently have a boyfriend?
No. But I totally have the textbook crushes on gym guy, Facebook guy, and Barracuda guy. I’m more boy crazy than Miley Cyrus, but much less slutty.

What’s up next for you? And most importantly, does it involve more skin?
I’m taking a class, and I managed to snag a part in a serious drama opposite Alan Cumming, Cheyenne Jackson and Erykah Badu, but production is now delayed, so we’ll see. My dream is to do a freaky storyline on Nip/Tuck or work with John Waters. I’d do full frontal for John Waters.

Someone get John Waters on the phone!!!

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: More of the Clippinger's

Love this pic series of Allen and James Clippinger. (See my previous post on photographer Jeff Slater with the Clippinger's.).

Favorite Former Soap Hunk of the Day: Matt Cavenaugh

Matt Cavenaugh is one of those actors who can do it all. A New York actor, he has made a splash whenever he takes on a role. Known to some for his roles on One Life to Live and As The World Turns where he gained a very loyal soap fan base. Known to some for stripping down in the 2003 flick 'Sexual Dependency'. Known to most for his Broadway roles in A Catered Affair, Urban Cowboy, Anything Goes and most notably in Grey Gardens. Matt may be heading back to Broadway to take the lead in the revival of West Side Story.

There are lots of video's of Matt singing on Youtube to check out. Matt is just one of those actors who seems to be liked by all. Cute as anything and so talented. There really was surprisingly little on Matt on the net, but there is one website which is very good, check it out HERE:

Matt in 'Sexual Dependency' (2003)
It was hard to get any decent pics of Matt from this flick. Dispite the nude scene, it is shot in split screen. Matt fill out his tighty whities quite nicely though!

Had to add Dewey's great caps. (Above).