Friday, November 26, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 27th


Isaac by MaleVisionS
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Happy Birthday today November 27th

Happy 65th to actor William Fichtner!

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Go (1999)

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Quaternate: MaleVisionS Photography


This past year, I slowed down with  my Quaternate pieces.  I'm determined however, to catch up!  The purpose is to put together, all of the pieces from artists who so generously contribute to FH.  I was introduced to  the work of Dan from MaleVisionS in 2015 through Teak, a model that I was profiling. Teak was up for a piece on the site, but wasn't really that satisfied that he had enough images in his port. Fortunately for us, Teak had a shoot scheduled for the next day.


The shoot of course was with Dan.  Teak loved the results and sent on a great selection as soon as he got them back,  Still new to modeling at the time, Teak was impressed with what Dan had captured, especially with the progress and confidence he saw in his newest work.  Teak gave Dan a lot of the credit, especially with his support with poses and positive encouragement throughout the shoot.  After piecing together the post on Teak, Dan was always open and supportive of my dipping into his portfolio for additional pieces.

I love the way the Arizona based photographer captures the male form. I love his use of light and shadow, and also love how he utilizes fashion and props.  I've done several themed pieces featuring models Dan has captured featuring just the naked model with a white towel or bathrobe.  Dan also often uses chairs and stool, not to distract, but to provide a model with a vehicle in the creation of unique poses and body movements.  Check out a brand new piece featuring Dan's work on the NEXT PAGE HERE:



2017- 2021


Willem Dafoe in The Loveless

'Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona.'

I have to be honest, actor Willem Dafoe has never really been on my 'hunk' radar.  As talented as he is, Other than as The Green Goblin in Spiderman,  I really just haven't seen or  loved many of his movies. A few years ago however, while putting together a post on Oscar nominee's, I did take notice of Dafoe in an old clip I found (and posted here) of the actor's full frontal dance in an old stage production of The Dance of the Sphinx & the Chimera.

I made it a point then, to try to check out some of Dafoe's earlier film appearances. For that reason, I DVR's 1981's The Loveless when it aired on TCM a few weeks ago. The film marked Dafoe's first on-screen leading role.  His only other role was an uncredited part in 1980's Heaven's Gate

I really liked The Loveless, and Dafoe was incredibly charismatic, and incredibly hot!  Even in a scene where he was robbing a woman in her car, you can see why his kiss would have softened the blow...  The film was written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow and Monty Montgomery and marked Bigelow's first directors credit for a feature. 

I loved Dafoe's nude scene, especially the way his body was posed and filmed in the scene.  I found copy of the movie on-line, but the scene was darker than I thought it was on the TCM airing.  Thankfully xyzpdq from the old Scenes From Male Skin site had a lighter clips showing a wee bit of Willem's willy.  Check out both versions below.