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Seasonal Sightings:

Tutti a tavola a mangiare!

'Tutti a tavola a mangiare (Everyone at the table to eat!)

When my parents were alive, I'd try to visit them a few times a month.  Given they lived an hour and a half away, it was usually on the weekends.  I'd head up late morning and usually arrive just after lunch.  More often than not, my mother was drinking her after-lunch cup of tea in front the television.  My mother loved television and wasn't one of those people who turned it off when someone arrived.  She was more likely to shhhh you than to press the mute button.

Although my parents were not that far from me, they were in a different city, and had a different cable provider.  Where I live, your PBS channel might be from New York, it might be Boston, I've even had them from Maine and New Hampshire.  My parents PBS was different than mine, but it was usually PBS my mom had on Saturday afternoons.  She watched for the cooking shows, her favorite, Lidia's Kitchen hosted by Lidia Bastianich.

I didn't get the show at my home, so the only time I heard Lidia say 'Tutti a tavola a mangiare!' it was in my parents living room.   Lidia is the mother of Joe Bastianich, one of the judges on Masterchef.  Masterchef I get, and enjoy, and Joe, although a little snarky, did have a bit of a arrogant sexiness that exuded from those tight suits he wore.

Some of you may have read about my recent move.  Although I'm only about fifteen minutes from my old town, I'm closer to where my parents live and now... have the same cable provider they did.  I was surprised to flick on the television the other day and find Lidia in the kitchen making a pot of Beef Guazzetto.

I had an intense feeling of Déjà vu seeing, and hearing Lidia in the kitchen.   There was one difference in this viewing from the last time I watched at my parents home a few years ago.  This time, Lidia spent time each episode teaching a new recipe to one of her grandchildren.  All were beautiful kids, but Joe's son Miles was especially enchanting in the episode that I saw.

In the episode, Miles was in college, and living on campus.  His Zoom call with Grandma seemed on par with attending one of his Economics classes.  He smiled, was polite and clearly is on board with any compensation the few minutes on Zoom might bring him.  But... he's also a a young student and athlete, so Zooming with your Grandmother, even when getting paid is still a duty more than a choice.  Regardless, he was charming and cute and I now want to buy the ingredients and try making Beef Guazzetto.

Private Panty Raids:

'You mean the panties your mother laid out for you?'

There are many universal rights of passage we all go through growing up.  Puberty is difficult on almost everyone, but for LBQTQ kids, it can often be a nightmare.  Things such as developing a deeper voice or growing pubic hair, although welcomed by many, are scary as shit to other.  Along with these physical changes also comes the much needed skill to creatively hide.  Hiding who you are isn't easy, it takes work, but for so many, it's sadly still a necessity. 

For me, this included sneaking down to the rec-room to re-watch, (and re-watch) that nude scene you saw on the Blockbuster video you viewed earlier with your family.  The first viewing required pretending not to notice Patrick Swayze's incredible ass.  Re-watching meant being able to actually enjoy and savor it.  Hiding your Judy Blume books, your shirtless pin-ups of your favorite teen idols, and of course, hiding the fact that you sneak into your parents bedroom when you're the only one in the house.

I applaud and fully respect everyone's fashion choices, but I was never really drawn to wearing make-up or women's clothing.  I did however, go through quite a phase when I was really loving trying on my mother's jewelry, her wigs and maybe especially, her shoes.  I think most of you can relate, and also remember the experience of sneaking into your parents bedroom when home alone, and experimenting with your identity.   It was equally thrilling and terrifying, given the risk you could, at any minute, get caught.

I know I headed  ack down the hall every few minutes, looking down the stairs at the front door for any sign someone was coming back home.  I think I was actually more worried my brothers might discover me than I was of my parents. I was almost caught several times, but as far as I know, remained undetected.  Who knows though, even at the age of nine and ten, I was a tall kid with large feet and I always had to stretch those straps on my mother's wedges in order to squeeze them on.

Part of the experience also included checking out my mother's underwear.  It wasn't sexual, it was curiosity and of course research.  LGBTQ kids are required to do extensive research on their own, research on subjects most other kids are taught naturally.

Like so many kids growing up in the 1980's, my underwear consisted only of bags of briefs from Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.  Whichever were on sale when Mom went to K-Mart or Sears is what I got, usually at Christmas.  Multi-colored, all white, sometimes all blue or black.  I remember being fascinated by the material of my mother's underwear and how soft and silky it was.  Even as a kid, I felt a little odd trying on my mom's panties, but I did a few times, just enough to learn to love the way it felt against my skin.

These shots of Jessie by TR Pics took me right back to those days.  Tom from TR Pics has become a traditional part of celebrating holidays on FH and is images of Jessie posing with a bouquet of sunflowers also appeared to brighten things up last Mother's Day. (HERE:)  Now full disclosure, the lacy thong Jessie is sporting is not actually women's undies, but a male g-string Tom found on Amazon. It's clear however, the design is based on panties we traditionally used to think of for women.  It's nice that as men, we're now able to openly buy what once we had to sneak to try on.

I haven't thought about those days, sneaking into my parents bedroom in a long time, but this series from Tom took me right back.  The memories are a mix of difficult, yet pleasant and even pleasurable moments from my past.  They embrace memories of my mother, her influence on my life, and some of the experiences of growing into who I am today.   I haven't worn women's panties since I was a kid, but these images are inspiring me head to Amazon and put something lay in my cart!  Thanks Tom and Jessie!

Tom Skerritt in Big Bad Mama

'Circumstances force a tough single mother and her two daughters into a life of crime and they quickly become outlaws on the run, picking up partners along the way, and traveling to different states, pursued by the law.'

The two actors who strip down for actress Angie Dickinson in 1974's Big Bad Mama are not exactly know as Hollywood Hunks. The first featured actor William Shatner, and I actually featured it once before.  (HERE:) I posted the clip when I was yanking off the Starfleet uniforms of the original cast of Star Trek, I was surprised to find a quick view of Shatner's stern in the 1974 film.

It was another of Wilma's (Dickinson) lovers from the film that caught my eye, Fred played by actor Tom Skerritt.  Although Angie showed the full Dickinson, Skerritt and Shatner mostly showed just glimpses of side butt, but a side of Skerritt was still more than fulfilling. 

It's sort of interesting that age has a factor in my crush on Skerritt.  He is, and always was, well over forty years older than me, but as time goes on, it makes much less of a difference.  I think I first noticed the actor when I was just a kid watching Top Gun at the theatre. Although I had no interest in him at the time, I do remember thinking there was a 'daddy' vibe in his scenes with Tom Cruise.  I think many remember that scene in the locker room with the two Tom's.  It would have been hotter had Cruise not been wearing an oddly fitted pair of high waisted grandpa tighty whities. 

I enjoyed Skerritt in Steel Magnolias and his brief turn in Brothers & Sisters, but still... I would not say I was ever really attracted to him.  Then, over the past few years, I've re-watched some of his movies, and caught films I'd never seen, or missed when they first came out.  One of them was Poison Ivy, which I watched for the first time earlier this year when profiling the hotties from Steel Magnolias. (HERE:)  Skerritt has a hot scene with some great views of beautiful butt.

Opposing Force (1986)

In addition to his nude scenes in Big Bad Mama and Poison Ivy, Skerritt had a third, and probably his best, nude scene in Opposing Force.  The 1986 action thriller tells the story of a group of solders who enroll in the Ultimate training mission.  After parachuting onto an island in the Philippines, they find that the commandant will stop at nothing to try and break his trainees

The 'training' starts out with a pretty hot humiliation scene.  Not sure why delousing scenes are sometimes so hot, but I guess it's the combination of being sprayed down when you're completely naked.  Skerritt and a company of hot men and one women are forced to strip down and get sprayed before being given just a plastic poncho to wear for the rest of their training.

I couldn't identify all the hot asses in the scene, but I certainly gave it a great deal of effort.  There is no 'mother' figure in the film, but Skerritt is the leader, causing him to be a parental figure to his troop, sacrificing himself to naked torture in a couple of scenes.  Skerritt was in his fifties when this movie was filmed, but had no problem  playing the hot action lead.