Saturday, July 30, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 31st

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Happy Birthday today July 31st

Happy 60th to the sexy and talented Michael Biehn!

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Below: Casey Moss by Brad Everett Young for Dream Loud Official

Most of my favorite shots of today's hottest soap stars lately have been taken by the brilliant Brad Everett Young. This shot of Days Of Our Lives star Casey Moss is one of his latest. Follow Brad E Young Photography on Twitter HERE:

Frontal Window...

Team Captain by JayBee from Frisky Frolic

Under Wey: Sam by Alex Hilbert

'Definitely one of the most fit guys I've photographed!'

I was fortunate to discover the work of artist, filmmaker and photographer Alex Hilbert earlier this year.  I fell in love with his work with Jonny, and featured their work together in a series of images in the late spring.

I love the way Alex captures the male form.  For Alex and his lens, the focus is more on body, than body parts.  I love the lines, long and lean created and the figuration he and his models form through movement and pose.

It helps when the body being captured is one as incredible as that of 26 year old fitness model Sam Wey.  Fitness model is a term often used to describe models whose muscles and form is bulked up through hours in the gym.  Sam's physique is leaner, but no less impressive in it's ability to highlight muscle and hard work, particularly those incredible abs of his!

For his work with Sam, Alex rented a boudoir studio.  This was the first time Alex used the space, and although expensive, would love to use the space again.  Sam drove up from San Francisco with his wife.   Alex describes it as a big shoot for him, not only because of renting out a space, but because he had been trying to set up a shoot with Sam for awhile, ever since first seeing his work on Model Mayhem.

'I had a great time photographing Sam. He was professional. incredibly nice, incredibly fit and took direction well'.

I was drawn to Alex's images of Sam not only due to Sam's smokin body, but I also loved his great face, and beautiful brown eyes.  Sam also seems to know instinctively how to best position his body to best showcase the hard work he has put into his body and to create the perfect shot.

Alex graciously sent on a few extra images from his work with Sam.  A few unedited, and unreleased images from the shoot.  Check them out on The Over-Flow HERE: