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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

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Free Parking

Dacked & Packed

Who doesn't love a good dacking, especially when the butt being depantsed is as beefy and packed as the posterior of Gabin Lorre.  The French ruby player recently had his shorts yanked down and butt in the air when the 22 year old fullback from Béziers was ambushed from behind.

Despite the dacking, Lorre went on to run almost 90 meters during the March 8th game in Landes.  Despite his effort, Lorre could not prevent the AS Béziers Hérault defeat.

Prime Time Supporters: Brandon W. Jones

'Everybody is doing it.'

I'm a little hot and cold when it comes to watching repeats of The Big Bang Theory.  I never really liked the character of Sheldon, and given he's usually the focus, I usually don't watch.  But... given the sit-com runs almost constantly in syndication, I often find myself watching, and even laughing, at some of the older episodes. 

Every time the season 10 episode, The Dependence Transcendence comes on, I find myself wondering who the actor is in the ultra tight Flash suit is.  He's not the episode for long, but makes quite an impression, especially his pose while leaning against the vending machines.  Turns out, I knew the actor, and had seen him, out of The Flash's spandex before.

I think I was first introduced to the juicy jones from his appearance on 2 Broke Girls.  That was another sit-come I could never get into, but watched some episodes for several posts on the site.  One of those episodes from season 2, featured Jones and actor Jack DePew as two sexy Amish guys who had a very hot shirtless scene.  In the scene, Jones and DePew had the privilege to have been watered down by a horny Jennifer Coolidge. 

The North Carolina native got his start in the business playing an 'obnoxious senior' in a 2009 episode of 90210.   Jones quickly began getting other roles, guesting on shows including: Lie to Me, CSI:NY, Switched at Birth, The Fosters and The Middle.  He also had a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars and played Ted Danson's son in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

As you can see, appearing shirtless, or in a tight superhero costume is not something new to Jones.  When he first moved to LA to beginning his acting career, he also modeled to help pay the rent.  One of Jones' early modeling jobs was a shoot with photographer Bruce Weber for an Abercrombie & Fitch holiday campaign.

Despite his successful acting career, Jones has had a few run ins with the law, including pleading no contest to misdemeanor charges after an altercation with one of his neighbors.    Not sure if his legal troubles have impacted his career, but Jones hasn't had any new acting roles since 2020.


Pretty Little Liars

For some reason, I couldn't get the sound to sync in the clip below, but given the visuals, I don't think many will mind.

2 Broke Girls

The Janus to Spring: Jimmy by Male Beauty by bengie

'It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.'
Charles Dickens

With the vernal equinox happening just after midnight on March 19th, it was time for FH to make it's seasonal transition.  The transition from mostly indoor studio shoots more outdoor locations shoots.  The transition from beautiful men in snowy, winter scenes, to beautiful men in backyards, fields and gardens.  Since it is FH though, regardless of what the weather might be, or how hot or cold the temperature, those men are wearing as little as possible.

In Roman mythology, Janus is a Roman God who is unique, in that he doesn't have a Greek equivalent. Janus is the Roman God of beginnings and ends, entrances and exits, change, transition, gateways, doorways, and archways.  It's the perfect time then, to join Jimmy as he heads through the back doorway, out onto the patio and into the backyard. 

Many of you may remember Jimmy, and his work with Male Beauty by bengie, from my previous post featuring their work together from last Autumn.  In that piece, (Structural Elements) I used bengie's work with Jimmy inside, with minimal fashion, and steaming up the shower.

For this year, we head through both the virtual and symbolic doorway to spring, and the actual doorway to bengie's back patio.  Inside or outside, the London based model's structural elements remain visually and consistently stunning.  Jimmy's incredible body and chiseled facial structure are striking whether bathed in studio lights, or the natural light from the sun outside. 

If you're a regular viewer of the site, you're familiar not only with bengie's incredible work, but of his bast patio and backyard and property in the county town of Cheshire, England.  So many of my favorite models have been captured by bengie standing by his patio door and posed and reposed on the welcoming outdoor sofa.