Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

Joshua Tucker by Unlimited Male
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Happy Birthday today January 31st

Happy 36th to Justin Timberlake!

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Justin beautiful backside in Friends With Benefits (2011)

Just Because: Tarzan in the Snow

Model Cameron McElroy living up to Instagram nick Tarzancam in his latest post.

Uninhibited: Joshua Tucker by Unlimited Male

'I personally think that the nude male form is one of the most beautiful things on earth.'

Continuing with my theme of firsts, Jay, the photographer behind Unlimited Male shares with FH his recent shoot with model Joshua Tucker. It is hard to believe from these shots, that it was Joshua's first time taking it all off in front of the camera. Jay captured not only Joshua's confidence and great smile, but the young model's eye contact with Jay's camera is incredibly strong and direct.

'I love it when I am fortunate enough to come across a model like Joshua, who is not only incredibly attractive, but completely uninhibited as well. This was his first time nude in front of the camera, but I never would have known.'

Smile's are often a great indication of comfortably, in fact for some model's, smiling for the camera is harder than taking off their clothes. I understand this completely. I don't usually mind my picture being taken, but I hate when I'm asked to smile for the camera. I have seen images of myself smiling that I really like, but most of them were taken in moments I didn't know the camera was on me. When asked to smile, I instantly become self conscious, and feel like any realness has been sucked out of the moment.

Jay is incredibly skilled at capturing great smiles. The first time I featured his work back in 2012, I tiled the piece Grin. I loved Jay's images of the incredibly hot Shawn, but Shawn's engaging grin certainly added to his sex appeal. I think smiles have been an important part of the reason I have asked Jay about each of the models that I have featured since that first piece.

I think a great smile can actually increase the pleasure viewers get from the enjoyment of a great image. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I see a naked model model who looks miserable at being in front of the camera. A smile, especially one that looks natural, authentic and generated from the moment, and the enjoyment they seem to be getting from shooting is both sexy, and very inviting to those enjoying the image. It is especially hot when the smile is on the face of a hot naked model. It is also speaks to the photographer, and the trust and tone they have set during the shooting process.

'I am always looking for new models to work with but living in the South, it isn't always easy to find guys who are willing to pose nude in front of the camera. I personally think that the nude male form is one of the most beautiful things on earth and I wish more guys were willing to pose nude. Joshua was completely relaxed, had great energy and was very easy to work with. I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few incredible models these past few years, and I probably say this about most of them, but I really do hope to get the chance to work with Joshua again and again. I wish him all the best and hope that he has a very successful career in the modeling industry.'

Hot Damme

I set my DVR a few weeks ago to record 1993's Nowhere To Run. I didn't recorded it for the snappy dialogue, clever story or stellar performances. I recorded it (yes you all already know, don't you) for the 20 seconds of Jean-Claude Van Damme walking naked out of that lake.

The from the late 80's through most of the 90's, Van Damme's beefy beautiful ass was one of the hottest things spread across a wide screen. I can't remember ever really loving any of his movies, but I do remember going to every single one of them.

Universal Solider (1992)

Bloodsport (1988)

Nowhere To Run (1993)

Lionheart (1990)