Sunday, October 19, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 19th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for October 19th Sasha Visser

Singer and actor Sasha Visser was born in The Netherlands. This talented guy is a huge idol overseas, and I can see why. Although he may not exactly sing like Josh Groban, I can see why he is so popular. Cute as anything, Sasha is a fixture on tv and variety shows. Sasha turns 20 today. Check out his site HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for October 19th Alex Feldman

Doesn't actor Alex Feldman have the most amazing eyes! His face, eyes and mouth are so beautiful. This actor who hails from the Ukraine began appearing on US screens in 2001. Besides acting, Alex wrote, directed and produced the 2006 short film 'Sent' about Love, Loneliness, and Lucidity. Alex is also known for playing 3 different roles on each of the Law and Order series. Many of you may know him from his turn in 'Mr. Smith gets a Hustler'. Alex turns 29 today.

Alex in 'Mr. Smith Gets A Hustler' (2003)

Alex's demo reel.

Favorite Idea for A Christmas present for me...

The Guys of Stade get all the attention, but the Beverley Rugby Club has also been producing a great calendar going back to 2001. Rugby certainly works those gluteus maximus muscels to create some great shapes! The DVD and calendar would be great in anyone's stocking. You can see more pics and order the calendar HERE:

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo is an international boxer who has captained Great Britain's team in the World European and Junior Olympic Tournaments. He won the Junior Olympics in 2004, picked up the Most Outstanding Boxer of the Tournament and was crowned World Under 17 Champion in 2005. Ogogo achieved greater fame for entering the Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack house, finishing three and a half weeks later in fourth place. His time on Big Brother led to a recent photo shoot for Attitude magazine.

New Hottie of the Day: Chris Winters

Chris Winters may not want to be called new as he is one of those hard working guys who has been around for awhile, modelling, acting and taking on other jobs in the entertainment business trying to get a break. But I just discovered Chris recently when I saw him on The Discovery Channel and had to research who this beautiful and talented man was. Chris has been in a few larger campains and projects as well as smaller ones and some independant film work. I love Winters look. His face is full of expression, with soulful eyes and killer smile. (Not to mention a amazing chest and backside!). Chris wears a pair of jeans as they were meant to be worn! Some of you may have Caught Chris on The Discovery Channel as he made a couple of appearances on 'The FBI Files' and A Haunting: "Ghost Soldier". Here's hoping we see more in the future of Chris Winters! You can find out a lot about Chris by checking out his website. Chris has a very well done, comprehensive site which is full of info and pics. It can be found HERE: His website also has links to his myspace and modelmayhem pages.