Friday, May 8, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 9th


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When You're Good To Mama...

Although FH's focus is firmly on men, I also celebrate the beauty and power that is woman.  Many are mothers, others are more Ma's, or Mama's, and of course MILF's.  Given's it's Mother's Day, check out some of my favorite hot Mama's from past pieces on the site:

Patrick Houser in Hot Dog... The Movie

'There's more to do in the snow than ski.'

Shortly after her 1981 spread in Playboy, Shannon Tweed began acting, primarily on television in shows like Fantasy Island and Falcon Crest.  One of her first forays into nudity in the movies was the 1984 comedy, Hot Dog... The Movie.

One of Tweed's sexual conquests in the ski lodge was Harkin Banks, a young Idaho farm kid who is also an ace at skiing. Harkin was played by the studly Patrick Houser.  The film was Houser's first lead role after a few small parts on television.  As appealing as Houser was in the film, it didn't exactly catapult him into a busy film, or television career.   After a few television guest appearances, and a short stint on the 80's show The Outlaws, Houser basically left the business in the mid-nineties.

Although his brief nude scene wasn't with Shannon, she did lure him into the hot tub, and out of his clothes, later in the movie.

Indecent Behavior II & III

Reporter Shoshona Reed is about to expose a number of people who have a lot to lose. Unfortunately, her cunning ways of getting stories by blackmailing people gets her killed. The murderer could be anyone including sex therapist Rebecca Mathis, obsessive convict Darrell Martine, and successful impotent businessman Tom Mueller. Who could be the evil cold blooded killer. Hmmm...

James Brolin

In addition to having lots of sex in her films, Shannon Tweed's characters also seem to watch a lot of other people having sex.  This is especially convenient when cast as a sex therapist.  1994's Indecent Behavior II has not one, but two actors who take it all off, and the film is one the few films in Tweed's resume with full frontal nude scenes from the male cast.  The first is a 'blink or you'll miss it' flash from James Brolin.

Craig Stepp 

The second comes from hunky actor Craig Stepp who's sexual encounter is watched closely by Tweet's character. Stepp has a lengthy and impressive acting resume and is still a busy working actor.  Although he has a few erotic thrillers under his belt, his nude scene in this flick was one of his most revealing.

Doug Jeffery

No stranger to soft-core butt nudity, I've featured the sizzling  Doug Jeffrey once before. (HERE:)  In Indecent Behavior III, Jeffrey's bares his bottom not once, but three times in the 1995 erotic thriller.  Here's a little taste.

Michael D. Arenz in Scorned

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman...

One of my favorite actors seduced by the lovely Miss Tweed and her beautiful breasts was Michael D. Arenz in 1993's Scorned.  (originally titled A Woman Scorned)  In Scored, Tweed plays Amanda, a woman out for revenge over the person she feels was responsible for her husbands suicide.  This leads her to the home of Alex and Marina (Andrew Stevens and Kim Morgan Green) and their horny teen Robey played by Arenz.

'I'm gonna teach you everything I know....'

Hired as his 'tutor', it doesn't take long for Amanda to get Robey out of his jeans, something she does several times over the course of the film. In his first feature film, Arenz is adorably sexy as Amanda's very willing participant.  He may not get an A in french, but he did learn a few valuable lessons.

'Take off your clothes.'