Sunday, January 4, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 4th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 4th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 4th:

Brazilian actor and G magazine model Claudio Andrade turns 25 today.

Venezuelan model turned actor Juan Carlos Garcia turns 28 today.

As a kid, Jeremy Licht was the main reason I checked out watching 'Valerie'. Jeremy turns 38 today.

Type O Negative's Peter Steele turns 47 today.

My Favorite of the Cassidy brothers, Patrick turns 47 today.

Above pic from Patrick's official website found HERE:

Below: Patrick in 'Longtime Companion' (1990).

Also Celebrating today January 4th

Also celebrating today January 4th

Actor, Singer, musician and professional surfer Greg Cipes turns 29 today.

Actor Dylan Fergus turns 29 today.

Australian Footballer Paul Licuria turns 31 today.

Gabriel Aubray turns 33 today.

The talented Rick Hearst turns 44 today.

I love R.E M. and I love Michael Stipe who turns 49 today.

Actor Julian Sands turns 51 today.

Favorite Guy in need of an Aloe Vera Rub Down

One of my favorite actors, Milo Ventimiglia here with girlfriend Hayden Panettiere, on vacation at the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora is looking finer than every! I hope Hayden took care of that back of his. Even though I am taking a break from 'Heroes' at the moment (It is far too frustrating a watch right now) I am hoping it picks up as the season goes on so that I can enjoy it when the DVD's hit the stores in the fall.

Just Because: Confessions Of A Teen Idol

I have posted at one time or another on all the men (except Jamie Walters), featured on VH1's Confessions of a Teen Idol. At one point or another I had mini crushes on them all (except Billy Hufsey for some reason, I know he is talented, but never really was drawn to him). I really love Jamie Walters (who has shockingly little on him on the net) and you know how I feel about Atkins. I am curious as to peoples thoughts on the show. I certainly know all the guys had their time in the teen magazines, but Atkins is the only one I would truly call an Idol. Atkins truly is one of the biggest teen idols of the 80's and beyond, and still looks so hot! Check out the official site with some great interviews HERE:

Adrian Zmed

Billy Hufsey

Christopher Atkins

David Chokachi

Eric Nies

Jamie Walters

Jeremy Jackson