Sunday, January 4, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 4th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 4th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 4th:

Brazilian actor and G magazine model Claudio Andrade turns 25 today.

English actor, turned reality hunk Lee Otway, best known for his role on Hollyoaks turns 27 today.

Venezuelan model turned actor Juan Carlos Garcia turns 28 today.

As a kid, Jeremy Licht was the main reason I checked out watching 'Valerie'. Jeremy turns 38 today.

Type O Negative's Peter Steele turns 47 today.

My Favorite of the Cassidy brothers, Patrick turns 47 today.

Above pic from Patrick's official website found HERE:

Below: Patrick in 'Longtime Companion' (1990).

Also Celebrating today January 4th

Also celebrating today January 4th

Actor, Singer, musician and professional surfer Greg Cipes turns 29 today.

Actor Dylan Fergus turns 29 today.

Australian Footballer Paul Licuria turns 31 today.

Gabriel Aubray turns 33 today.

The talented Rick Hearst turns 44 today.

I love R.E M. and I love Michael Stipe who turns 49 today.

Actor Julian Sands turns 51 today.